In sickness and in Healthy Holidays

‘Newsflash: Wellness Entrepreneur gets bronchitis.’

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Me, luxury Sanctuary Supplier feeling yuk (unfortunately not photoshopped)

It’s time to fess up. I’ve been dragging myself to meetings with wellness gurus the last few days, posting pics to social media looking ‘all that’, when all the time I’ve been suffering from a chest infection which turned ugly and into bronchitis.


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Me with Australian Spa Food Guru Samantha Gowing (me with a lot of make-up!)

On Monday I met up with the lovely Samantha Gowing of  Australia’s Food Wealth Health to chat health and wellness ironically enough. Thank goodness we weren’t being filmed. I just want to point out that I did feel like a fake instagramming that pic above! Social Media is sometimes so pretty and positive that I decided to give the real deal today.

Yesterday I was slouched over a coffee table in Bali with Rebecca Walker, Wellness Nomad and ex Editor of Asia Spa Magazine, we bemoaned the fact that we somehow ‘should know better’. We’ve  had zillions of healing treatments, been on mucho wellness retreats and we still get sick and feel like you know what! And how dare I sell luxury wellness holidays to world weary individuals, whilst spluttering the benefits over skype.

Then I realized I’m not a cyborg or a Star Trek character, I’m a human being (although most of the time my perfectionism makes me a human ‘doing’). It’s awful to feel unwell, to be forced to review your place in the world and slow it down. And, although I’ve adored the global ‘Happy’ movement,  it is ok to feel rubbish when you’re sick. Stay in the day, even the hour and acknowledge that with a little help from home remedies (I am going to smash that Indian neti pot damn it!),  homemade soup and kind words, you might just get through it.


When I’m ill I also look at what I’m feeding myself more closely and clear the health food shop out of quinoa, manduka honey, ginger, cinnamon, maca powder, goji berries, spirulina and the list goes on. My greatest crime is being inconsistent. I eat a fairly balanced diet and enjoy treats too but I forget to add physilium to cereal and echinacea sits in the house growing dust.

So once the hacking has cleared, I’m taking some of my own Soul Sanctuaries medicine and I’m checking into a luxury wellness sanctuary, I’m getting some super consultations from an Ayurvedic Doctor and Resident Dietician and I’m going to blog my way to super healthy.

Love to all my wonderful wellness guests, I will be sourcing you uber amazing wellness holidays with even more authenticity now!

If you’re interested in luxury healthy holidays across Asia please do get in touch with me personally and I promise not to splutter.


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