Luxury Health Retreats at Chiva Som

Hua Hin, Thailand

Chiva Som Luxury Health Retreats

One of the world’s most established luxury health retreats in the world, Chiva Som in Thailand is truly a sanctuary for the soul. The resort has a diverse selection of luxury health resorts focusing on holistic health.

As a destination spa, Chiva Som can cater to those in need of luxury spa pampering and they excel in their fitness and weight management programs. The Inner Peace Retreat focuses on releasing stress and regaining balance and vitality.

You may have had a chronic disease and were not able to recieve help from doctors or have unexplained symptoms, which aren’t improving. Alternatively, you may be under major stress. Stress is not something which we can avoid indefinately. We usually deny it, taking on the extra workload, trying to unwind with alcohol or comfort eating or waiting in eagerness for the next day off. Over long term, this can lead to a breakdown in both physical and mental health.

The mantra of this luxury health retreat is ‘ Calm the mind, move the body’. You will learn some simple meditation techniques to pave the way of peace. Private fitness sessions will get you moving and enjoying activities such as Pilates, power walks and yoga. This combined with floatation and stress therapies and flower remedies ensure that you will leave the retreat with a new sense of inner calm.



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Chiva Som is located in Hua Hin which is approximately two to two and half hours South of Bangkok. Your transfer can be organized via private Mercedes Benz. In Thai history Hua Hin was a place the Thai elite flocked to. Chiva Som celebrates twenty years here at the forefront of luxury health and wellness

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Why is it a Sanctuary

Chiva Som is a multi-award winning Destination spa with a portfolio of outstanding luxury wellness programs. This International Health Resort paved the way, it attracts some of the world's best visiting practitioners and continues to pioneer new healing therapies.

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Meditation and pranayama to calm the mind combined with therapies to begin to manage stress. Flower remedies and floatation therapy help to unwind and private fitness sessions to get the body moving.

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Soul Food

Chiva Som cuisine has won many awards. Its really healthy but they pride themselves on creating so many flavours that you'd never notice it's good for you!

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Who is it for

You may have felt unwell for some time but have had no diagnosis apparent. Alternatively, you may be feeling very stressed and unable to manage. Simple meditation techniques and pranayama begin to calm the mind and the fitness inclusions get your body moving 'Calm the mind, move the body.'