Luxury Healing Holidays at Kamalaya

Koh Samui, Thailand

Kamalaya Luxury Healing Retreats

These luxury healing holidays explore your inner life or emotional wellbeing. We all face challenging situations, yet most of us feel ill equipped to deal with them. You may have increased pressure at work or the demands of a new job. You may have a difficult decision to make, a re-location or financial pressure. You may be suffering anxiety from a relationship break up or grief from the loss of a loved on who either passed away. The ‘Embracing Change’ luxury healing holidays are flexible and aim to prevent stress and burnout in your life.

Treatments, consultations and therapies combine to allow you to unwind and safely explore emotionally driven behaviours such as over eating. Expert Life Enhancement Consultations and Meditation teachers will guide you through a personalized program which will be supported by spa treatments including homeopathy and traditional Chinese medicine.

There are lots of healing retreat programs in Thailand, but we felt that Kamalaya held a special energy. Long ago, the location of an ancient meditation cave, the resort oozes spirituality. Meditation, yoga, ayurveda and nutritional wellness all form part of the offering at Kamalaya. They also take a refreshingly humanistic approach to wellness so you won’t be expected to stick to a rigid regime if you or your wellness guide feel like another approach is in order.

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Kamalaya is on a hillside, scattered with palms which slopes down to the beach at the foot of the resort on the Southern coast of Koh Samui. We must point out that we thought that this coastline was by far the most peaceful and less touristy than other parts of the island.

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Why is it a Sanctuary

Its peaceful, centred on an ancient meditation cave and is dedicated to finding balance throughout holistic treatments and guidance. Step away from everyday life and give yourself the gift of restoring serenity to your life.

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Embracing Change is a rare opportunity to explore self defeating behaviours and gain renewed focus under expert guidance.Expert guidance will help you to explore limiting behaviours and help you to cope with challenging situations such a the loss of a loved one, relationship issues or work related stress.

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Soul Food

We adored the Detox Cuisine so much they gave us a recipe book from Kamalaya to take home! Of course the emphasis is on fresh, organic cuisine wherever possible and cooking methods are designed to enhance flavors and support vibrant health. Low allergenic,low inflammatory,low glycaemic and extremely high taste food is in order.

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Who is it for

If you're suffering from the loss of a loved one, have had a trauma, relationship break up and another stress life event and you're finding it hard to cope, this program is for you. You might also be looking for a new direction in life and want to break limiting behaviours.