Fivelements Self Healing Retreats

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Luxury Healing Retreats with Yoga and Meditation at Fivelements, Bali

Self Healing Retreats at Fivelements explore consciousness through the practice of yoga, meditation and creative arts and can be taken at any any during the year. From the luxury  Eco wonderland that awaits you, to the ancient healing treatments, you’ll have a transformational experience . Located on the banks of the powerful Ayung River, close to Ubud, all spiritual retreats share the philosophy of the Balinese way of life which nurtures harmony with spirit, the environment and one another.  A team of compassionate healers are on hand to help you through your own healing process.

The Fivelements yoga retreat ‘Finding Centre’ not only explores your true self through the practice of yoga and meditation, but you’ll also unleash your creative gods/goddesses on the potters wheel (try not to think of the scene from ‘Ghost’).  Relating to yourself through the creative use of clay is primordial. This creative form of personal and spiritual growth engenders insight – a literal look within- and empowers you with new possibilities of balancing your life choices.

All wellness retreats are journeys into self love and transformation. There are lots of really beneficial individual treatments on offer in addition to the yoga retreat program from therapeutic massages to traditional healing and energy work.

If you wish to tailor your experience, our Sanctuary Supplier will guide you through a process of better understanding and identifying the physical, mental and emotional areas of your life that may need additional attention, processing and healing.We’ll then consult with the healers at Fivelements. This approach assists us in initiating and facilitating a new healing path for you.

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Fivelements is set on the banks of the River Ayung, in the Balinese village, close to Bali’s mystical centre Ubud. You feel completely at one with nature within the resort as its largely built using bamboo with awesome creativity. The surrounding lush tropical gardens add to the feeling of a luxury haven. Although it’s easy to go to Ubud nearby, the peace, serenity and delectable living cuisine menu means that most guests just chill on-site.

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Why is it a Sanctuary

It’s the only luxurious wellness retreat in Bali to completely immerse itself in the ancient culture of Balinese healing. Each wellness program offers a holistic approach using ancient wisdom of the East, whilst understanding the pressures of modern life. They also offer Watsu and Healing Dance Aquatic Bodywork. Inspired by Shiatsu, it features an acupressure & passive joint movement to free up muscular holding and open meridians. It instills a feeling of safety, timelessness and peace in the receiver.

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All healing and sacred arts treatments are journeys into self love and transformation. Finding Centre is a dynamic exploration into the art of finding one’s centre, combining the creative and healing medium of clay, with the balancing practice of yoga and meditation. Expect Sanskrit mantras, Sivananda Yoga and building confidence and awareness at the potter’s wheel.

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Soul Food

One of the highlights of Fivelements is the Living Cuisine menu. We know that integrating raw foods into our diets can lead to great energy and mental clarity. Eating in the Sakti Dining Room is an education in living foods and inspires you to learn how to offer yourself highly nutritive food. It also tastes delicious too!

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Who is it for

The spiritually defunct who want to re-connect to their highest self through yogic and healing practices. To connect to the energy and potential within, in natural, eco-luxe surroundings. A group of creative friends who want to practice daily yoga, meditation and experience a sense of freedom and confidence over the potter’s wheel.