How to be the change with Soul Sanctuaries

What is Soul Sanctuaries?

Soul Sanctuaries is a luxury wellness retreat consultancy. Our mission is to offer transformational healthy holidays in Asia that in turn benefit others who are really in need.

Soul Sanctuaries initial wellness and spiritual retreats are focused in Asia as we are based there and are very familiar with healing resources. Within our portfolio of luxury wellness packages we offer luxury yoga holidays, 5 star detox programs , superb fitness and weight loss vacations and self healing retreats.

Every time a guest books a luxury wellness vacation with Soul Sanctuaries, they will pay exactly the same as anywhere else but have the added benefit of helping a little soul. We donate a small percentage of every booking to our charity partners through our Give a Little Soul a Sanctuary program. Guests will give themselves a wonderful opportunity in which to explore within and at the same time a child receives a sanctuary they so desperately need in the form of housing, welfare or education.

Soul Sanctuaries

No percentages or vague promises.. Soul participants will be able to see exactly how their input is helping others through our ‘Giving Reports’ and social networks. We want Soul guests to leave our luxury wellness retreats feeling personally uplifted, knowing that they have benefited both themselves and others.



Soul Sanctuaries

We feature a luxury collection of wellness programs, tailored to personal requirements. You may be at a crossroads in life and searching for a new direction, want to detox and re-energize, deepen your practice with reiki and ancient healing rituals or simply looking to be pampered with one of our 5 star spa packages. We’re based in Asia and its our guarantee to feature wellness resorts with authentic healing programs. We’ll guide you through each wellness retreat benefits and expected results and be on hand during your stay to assist.

Soul Sanctuaries

It’s so simple, do something transformational for you and help another too!

Be part of something that matters.

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