Thanyapura Swim Fitness Holiday

Phuket, Thailand

Thai Swim Fitness Holidays in Phuket

Thanypura is leading choice in Asia for a sports fitness holiday, with experienced coaches who can work with you on your technique and performance, taking it to the next level. Thanyapura in Phuket, Thailand is a luxury fitness retreat in Asia, dedicated to sports fitness. Their aim is to optimize sports potential and allow guests to live life to the full through education, health, sport and mind management.

We love that Thanypura caters for professional athletes and people who just love staying fit too. Their experienced coaches will take your technique and race performance to the next level.

You’ll also recieve sports massage, Chiropractic and Physiotherapy assessment. Specialists will work on your strength, flexibility and mental skills to encourage optimum performance.

If you love swimming and want spend time fine tuning your techniques then Thanypura’s Swim Fanatic Package is for you.

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Thanypura is only fifteen minutes from Phuket Airport,on a 23 hectare site, Thanypura is comprised of four centres; Thanyapura Sports and Leisure Club, the Mind Centre, the Integrative Health Centre and Phuket International Academy Day School. It also houses the 77-room Thanyapura Sports Hotel and the 38-room Thanyapura Retreat Hotel.

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Why is it a Sanctuary

Swimming in the Olympic standard 50m (3m Deep) or 25m pools, you
will have access to coaches in both an individual and group setting. Thanyapura is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your life and with expert coaches and nutritionists on hand it's easy!

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Your coach will work on technique and strength and conditioning. You'll view video analysis and consultation to fine tune. Sports massage and physiotherapy will help your body to work at its best. You'll even have a private yoga session to stretch and relax.

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Soul Food

Although not included in the program, you can book in sessions with a Nutrition Consultant for a small extra charge. They give great advice on better wats of eating to reach your goal, whether that is an increase in energy, losing weight or improving sports performance or recovery.

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Who is it for

This is for people who love to swim and want to reach their optimum level. Maintaining a postive outlook and giving yourself the best chance to perform is certainly the winning formula at Thanyapura. Its for those who wants to get the best out of their performance and get more out of life!