Bali Personal Fitness Retreat

South Bali, Indonesia

Luxury Fitness Retreats and Weight Loss Holidays in Bali

Bali is an awesome place to choose for a fitness retreat. With pretty much good weather year round , you can train both indoors and in nature. The island has attracted some really superb certified professional trainers. You have the option of doing a fitness program in the privacy of your own villa, in a boutique studio or out in the rice fields and mountains.

There’s something for every fitness enthusiast at any age in Bali, from the proven excellence of Les Mills, fitness treks up the volcano to pole dancing classes! We’ll go through your personal requirements and current health status prior to arrival, then you’ll receive a consultation with your personal trainer on arrival in Bali. They will individually tailor your fitness retreat and provide guidance and encouragement throughout. You’ll be given tips on healthy eating and how to maintain the excellent levels of energy you’ll be feeling after the fitness holiday ends.

One of the other great things about fitness retreats in Bali is the post workout massage. Bali is well known for its holistic wellness treatments and the island now has a fantastic Remedial Therapist from Australia to assist with problem areas of the body.



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You'll stay in a fantastic private villa with a swimming pool, close to your chosen fitness studio. You'll be waited on by a team of butlers, eat nutritious food, enjoy post work-out massages and have some in villa personal training sessions. Sound like a luxury fitness retreat? We think so!

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Why is it a Sanctuary

With great weather and experienced personal trainers, Bali attracts fitness enthusiasts of all ages and levels. You'll be pampered so it won't feel like it's all hard work. You'll be put on a healthy nutrition program during your fitness retreat and receive one to one fitness training. So whether you have a specific goal such as weight loss or want to improve your overall fitness, you'll get a superb workout.

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Depending on your aim, current state of health and your fitness goal, you'll receive a personally designed fitness program. You may join a cycling trip to Kintamani volcano or enjoy a pilates class in the studio, have a personal training session in your villa or empower yourself with a pole dancing class!

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Soul Food

You'll receive a nutrition plan for your fitness retreat and meals can be freshly delivered to you on request. It's easy to eat healthy in Bali and we can recommend some organic food hangouts when you want to eat out too. Maintaining healthy nutrition post fitness retreats is really important so you'll be given lots of nutritional advise too.

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Who is it for

Personal Fitness Retreats are for all ages and levels of fitness. For those who either want to make a lifestyle change or improve or maintain their current wellness. Our fitness trainers are all certified, with lots of experience and encouragement. They won't offer any 'quick-fix' solutions for weight loss, rather great advice on how to maintain vitality long term. You'll feel personally attended to, positive and have a lot of fun to boot!