5 Star Fitness Holidays

Hua Hin, Thailand

Chiva Som Luxury Fitness Holidays in Thailand

With luxury wellness vacations on the rise, 5 star fitness holidays are in demand. Its no longer enough to take a holiday and laze on the beach (although you must fit some of that in!). This luxury fitness holiday focuses on Optimal Performance. We love it because, as with all great Asian wellness programs, it doesn’t focus solely on the body. You’ll also explore how to elevate spiritual and emotional performance too.

Chiva Som is the pioneer of luxury wellness in Asia. With over twenty years experience as an International Health Resort and Destination Spa, Chiva Som continues to bring it.Situated in Hua Hin in the South of Thailand (two to two and half hours from Bangkok via Mercedes transfer). A haven for like minded individuals, Chiva Som has quite a who’s who of former guests!

This is the newest of their plethora of luxury healthy holidays and combines the latest in sports fitness techniques with Asian healing spa massage treatments. Time proven training methods include hypoxic training, kinesthetic assessments and radial shock wave therapy. Your personal trainer and nutritionist develop an entirely personalised fitness program for you and are on hand throughout to review and tweek your schedule. It really is all about the optimal you!


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Chiva Som is located in Hua Hin which is approximately two to two and half hours South of Bangkok. Your transfer can be organized via private Mercedes Benz. In Thai history Hua Hin was a place the Thai elite flocked to. Chiva Som celebrates twenty years here at the forefront of luxury health and wellness.

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Why is it a Sanctuary

Chiva Som has fantastic Fitness and Physiotherapy departments which offer really well combined treatments. This luxury fitness program suits individuals who want to step up their game to a more intense fitness regime and also those recovering from injury.

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Chiva Som offer the latest fitness concepts on the wellness vacation such as kinesthetic assessments, hypoxic training and radial shock wave therapy. This, combined with one to one fitness training sessions and deep tissue massage makes Optimal Performance one of the most well rounded fitness holidays in Asia.

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Soul Food

Chiva Som's multi award winning cuisine caters to all tastes with lean meat, fish and vegetarian options. You'll be given lots of nutritional advice throughout too. We'd suggest joining one of their awesome cooking classes so that you can take some of that magic home!

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Who is it for

Whether you're an athlete or just love your workout, this fitness retreat is for you. You're looking for some professional direction to maximize your health and performance or you may be wanting to return to health following a sports injury. You love luxury, expert advise and want to enjoy some indulgent spa pampering and beachside fun in the mix.