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One of the cool things about owning a luxury wellness travel company is the wealth of knowledge about health and fitness at our fingertips. We always love to share, so we thought we’d call in on our industry experts and ask them about what’s trending in health and fitness.

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First up is one of Asia’s leading Naturopathic Physician’s Dr. Jason Culp, ND of Chiva Som International Health Resort in Hua Hin, Thailand. Today we are asking him about Stress Management.

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Dr. Jason Culp, ND of Chiva Som International Health Resort

So what is stress?

“Stress is a normal part of life and every external influence or internal process that causes a change in our physiology can be considered stress. However, when we talk about stress as a health-related issue, we are most often referring to chronic, prolonged stress (or a major traumatic event that leads to chronic stress, i.e. Post- Traumatic stress). The difference is that with chronic stress, the body is unable to return to a balanced state, thus leading to many of the health conditions commonly seen, including high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, exhaustion, insomnia, and
weight gain.”


What are the most frequent sources of stress these days?


Work Responsibility: “Business Leaders and Managers succumb to long and exhausting work hours, frequent travel (often across time zones), obligation to attend social engagements, and strenuous mental and emotional stress. Many of our guests arrive at Chiva Som in the ‘Wired and Tired’ mode, still able to function daily but starting to experience the negative effects of chronic stress, such as sleep problems, low energy, and weight gain.”

Home Responsibility: “When the tranquility of the home is compromised, either from family tragedy,  relationship issues and such like, the mental and emotional spheres of health suffer a significant burden. Oftentimes, this can have an impact on wellness greater than work stressors.”

Poor Diet and Lack of Movement: “This type of physical stress is often a product of the above-mentioned stressors. However, even in the presence of significant work or personal stress, the habitual poor choices in processed and unhealthy foods, along with a sedentary lifestyle, will amplify the negative effects of stress on the body and mind.”


So what can guests expect if they book a stress management holiday?

“The therapeutic benefits of Chiva Som start upon arrival of the guest, beginning with leaving the stress behind. For many, this temporary break is enough to see just how stressful their situations had become, and more importantly, insight into the necessity of change. The healthy cuisine provides a concentrated source of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and essential “building blocks” for replenishing nutrient deficiencies and restoration of the body. Physical therapies within the resort will help to address and alleviate physical tension in the body, as well as help the body to “remember” the importance of movement in daily life. The guest participates in wellness consultations to address individual health concerns and receives education on how to attain and sustain their personal health and wellness goals.”

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So, while you’re waiting to book your next 5 star Stress Management Retreat with us, what can you do right now I hear you say?

Observe your breathing – sounds simple but next time you’re feeling stressed, observe your breathing. It’s likely you’re holding your breath or breathing shallow and rapidly. A few large, slow inhales and exhales can help avoid blowing a gasket!

Avoid junk food and don’t skip meals– Find a little time for you, you’re worth it. And put your phone on silent (or vibrate if you can’t bear it) while you chew slowly.

Don’t sleep with technology
– Arianna Huffington was recently interviewed about her new book Thrive and was extoling the benefits of dumping the tablets and phones at least one hour prior to bed. Don’t be sleeping with anything buzzing near your pillow either. Disconnect to reconnect.

Meditation doesn’t have to take all day – We love that mindfulness is trending right now, bringing meditation to the masses. You don’t have to spend all morning in lotus pose. Put aside ten minutes and check out Headspace’s great new app to help find a bit of inner peace.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed with stress, get in touch. You can chat with one of our health experts prior to deciding on what’s right for you. Peace.


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