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The Christmas season can be a loving and compassionate time of the year. It can also be highly challenging if you think you may have an issue with drug abuse or alcohol consumption. As a time of year when people like to ‘let loose’, there is so much temptation and it can be a particularly difficult period for those battling an alcohol or drug addiction.

There is a great deal of pressure to indulge around the festive season and, for those estranged from their families, it can be incredibly lonely. There is hope.

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We refer our clients to one of the world’s best and most respected drug and alcohol rehab centres. Based in Chiang Mai in Thailand, The Cabin is Asia’s leading rehabilation centre with luxury 5 star accommodation. Using a combination of cognitive behavioural therapy, 12 step program work, mindfulness meditation and fitness activities, they have a 96% completion rate. They focus on substance and alcohol abuse and underlying causes such as depression and anxiety.

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Programs range from 28 to 90 days and can also be tailored to the individual.

For Hong Kong residents, The Cabin now has an outpatient  Hong Kong Rehab Program with 6 to 12 week programs too.

If you think you may have a problem with drug addiction or alcohol abuse, please get in touch:

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