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Arianna Huffington caused a bit of a stir on Facebook this week when she announced that she would be taking an ‘Email Detox’. Nothing wrong with that I thought, I’m a firm believer in disconnecting to reconnect. It wasn’t until I actually read her intention that I understood what all the fuss what about;

For the first time in my life, I have gone on an email detox, courtesy of HuffPost’s new vacation email tool. Anyone who emails me will receive a response explaining that the email will be deleted. If it is urgent they are invited to reach out to an alternative contact. If it is not, they can reach out when I’m back.” (Arianna Huffington Facebook 29th July 2015)

Never one to sit on the fence when it comes to wellness issues, I posted a comment in reply;

I think that whilst many would agree that a disconnect from technology is a beneficial thing, the ‘delete’ comes across as a disregard of others and what they wish to communicate. I’m sure a delayed response message would allow you personal freedom whilst respecting the views of those who are reaching out to you.”

Whether you agree with Arianna’s new corporate email policy or not, how many times have you meant to leave your phone downstairs, swearing never to sleep with it next to your bed, only to be drawn back downstairs just to check it again? I know I have. Anyone over forty can relate to feeling nostalgic about the days of ‘landline only life’. When your friends used to leave a message with your parents about where to meet and you still managed to pull it off. A time when your clients life-stories were contained in a Rolodex (Google it).

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Even whilst writing this blog, my mind is wandering to those emails I’ve had deleted while I had my toes in the sand on my imaginary healthy holiday. Were they important, maybe even crucial to future business? Have I upset potential clients? Is that a sign that I’m taking life a little too seriously?

Stress Management is a top priority for our guests. CEO’s and Entrepreneurs are constantly tapped in to technology, receiving little downtime per day. Our luxury wellness partners, such as Thailand’s Award Winning Health Resort Chiva Som, keep us well informed on how to combat stress at work. We interviewed their leading Naturopathic Doctor Jason Culp ND on Stress recently. Read more on that here


How connected are you expected to be in your job?

Can you switch off easily at the end of the working day, or do you need a drink or two to disconnect?

Let us know what you think of deleting your emails whilst on vacation; for or against?

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