Raw Food Detox Retreat

Pemuteran, North Bali, Indonesia

Raw Food Detox Retreat and Luxury Holidays in North Bali

This is simply ‘the’ place to go for a Raw Food detox retreat in Asia. Diana von Cranach, owner of the laid back luxury hideaway Puri Ganesha just happens to be Asia’s leading expert on Raw Food. Published author of ‘Rawfully Good Food’ , Diana has consulted for some of Asia’s top luxury resorts including Como Hotels and Resorts, Six Senses and The Strand in Myanmar. She has a no nonsense approach to healthy eating, is overflowing with culinary artistic creativity and has a wealth of knowledge on healthy eating habits.

Diana like to tailor every guest stay so here we’re illustrating a sample raw food detox retreat for individuals who want to sample her insanely tasty dishes and learning more about raw food. Look out for her ‘Rawfully Good Raw Food Retreat’ in January 2014 (spaces are filling up fast).

Diana’s divine luxury resort in North Bali, Puri Ganesha, is actually four giant sized private villas, with expansive gardens, private pools, butler service…oh and they are beachside too!

During your time in Pemuteran on a luxury Clean Break, you’ll visit the local market and fishermen with the chef and you’ll learn how to prepare gourmet raw food dishes. There is also plenty of time to relax, enjoy the sublime beach surroundings, maybe scuba dive or snorkel or enjoy one of the Spa’s traditional Indonesian treatments. You have no choice but to unwind, unleash your culinary Goddess and enjoy the food.

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Puri Ganesha is in Pemuteran, North Bali. If you balk at the thought of a 3.5 hour journey from Bali's airport, don't. Once you're out of South Bali you'll see Bali's best cheek. Tropical mountains cascading down into lakes, cheeky monkeys roadside, quaint Balinese villages. Known for its diverse marine life, Pemuteran is a sleepy seaside village, about as stress free as you can get.

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Why is it a Sanctuary

The luxury villas are colossal. Four poster beds, colonial style furniture, ample private pool and gardens which stretch directly to the beach in front. We visit many wellness resorts but Diana's cuisine both raw and simply healthy is divine. Her chef is a culinary genius and learning to adore what goes into your body is gift in itself. We also love that she insists on tailoring each guest stay with us.

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After consulting with us, we'll draw up an itinerary which can include; visits to the local markets, cooking classes, introduction to using herbs and spices in dishes, healthy eating consultations and Asian preparations of raw food. The spa menu includes ancient Javanese treatments and we can also organize jaunts out of the resort to visit nearby temples, enjoy underwater with scuba diving adventures or enjoy a round of golf at the stunning Handara Golf course.

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Soul Food

We think this typifies what Soul Food means to us. A Raw Food Detox Retreat should be about preparing and indulging in food which is not only highly nutritious but also extremely tasty with artistic presentation. We love the idea of food being an exciting journey to health, something as celebration rather than sustenance. We've never been so full and satisfied without adding an element of guilt. These clean breaks introduce you to food in an entirely new light.

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Who is it for

You're may the type of person who really wants to get away from the traffic, laze eat amazing food, enjoy the spa and maybe join in a cooking class (there war honeymooners like this when we were there). Or you're really interested in what you're putting into your body and want to learn about raw food, do cooking classes while living it up in luxury too.