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Hua Hin, Thailand

Soul Sanctuaries Luxury Detox Retreats Thailand

Luxury Detox Retreats Thailand like Chiva Som as unsurpassed as private health resorts in which to mingle with like minded souls.To detox is so much more than slurping a few green juices and staying away from junk food. The world’s top detox programs allow not only for release of toxins from the body but also offer a nurturing environment in which to let go of emotional trauma.

Chiva Som is one of the world’s most established luxury health resorts in the world. This multi award winning Destination Spa has long pioneered successful detox programs.

We tend to overburden our digestive systems so its highly benefical to cleanse the body and Chiva Som’s ‘Art of Detox’ includes a wonderful combination of personal consultation, herbal and nutritional supplments, exercise and optional colon hydrotherapy.

Central to these luxury detox retreats thailand is Chiva Som’s award winning detox cuisine. A healthy cleansing diet is individually tailored, to maintain energy during the detox. The complimentary steam and sauna sessions, assist with the release of toxins from the body too.

Chiva Som’s detox holidays are from 5 to 21+ nights in length. The longer the luxury detox retreat, the more cleanse therapies such as oxidative stress test, pranayama breathing and Art of Detox cooking class.

As with all our luxury wellness programs, you’ll recieve lots of handy tips on how to maintain your healthier lifestyle at home too.

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Chiva Som is located in Hua Hin which is approximately two to two and half hours South of Bangkok. Your transfer can be organized via private Mercedes Benz. In Thai history Hua Hin was a place the Thai elite flocked to. Chiva Som celebrates twenty years here at the forefront of luxury health and wellness.

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Why is it a Sanctuary

A pioneer in luxury wellness and destination spa, Chiva Som offers the latest in holistic healing therapies and has an amazing list of visiting practitioners throughout the year. The detox cuisine at Chiva Som has won many awards and is a highlight of the detox experience too.

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Like all great detox retreats, the 'Art of Detox' combines a cleansing diet, massage including manual lymphatic drainage which assists in toxin release. Pranayama, super stretch and an oxidative stress test all combine to light digestion and restore energy levels.

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Soul Food

The best detox cuisine dishes we've ever had were the ones where you forgot that you were cleansing! Chiva Som prides themselves on creating deliciously tasty meals.

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Who is it for

These luxury detox retreats are for guests who would like to combine Thai massage, with holistic therapies and learn calming breathing techniques. Daily fitness activities get the body moving and treatments such as manual lymphatic drainage and colon hydrotherapy help to release built up toxins. You'll feel lighter in body and soul!