Fivelements Detox Holidays


Detox Holidays and Holistic Retreats in Bali

Detox holidays offer the perfect opportunity to cleanse and release stuck emotions, giving the mind, body and soul a workout. Set within a tropical oasis with an emphasis on holistic wellness, Fivelements is the perfect place for a detox retreat to cleanse the mind, body and soul.

Fivelements is a sacred wellness sanctuary located on the banks of the magnificent Ayung River, near to Ubud in Bali.  This spiritual retreat abides by the Balinese way of life ‘Tri Hita Karana’ , which nurtures harmony with spirit, the environment and one another.

They offer colon hydrotherapy treatments with detox programs, using the latest equipment from Dotolo Research Institute, USA. After a brief consultation, a trained nurse will guide you through the entire process. Colon hydrotherapy, combined with specialized massage, assist the eliminated of impacted waste material. This internal cleansing therapy can leave you feeling physically healthier with increased vitality and mental clarity.

Taking a detox holiday at Fivelements is for the type of person looking for an authentic Eastern healing experience in natural surroundings with more than a hint of luxury. If you’re searching for more of a spiritual transformation than your average cleanse but still want to enjoy your creature comforts this is one of the most uniquely authentic detox retreats in Asia!

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Fivelements is set on the banks of the River Ayung, in the Balinese village, close to Bali’s mystical centre Ubud. You feel completely at one with nature within the resort as its largely built using bamboo with awesome creativity. Although it’s easy to go to Ubud nearby, the peace, serenity and delectable living cuisine menu mean that most guests just chill on-site. Perfect place for a luxury detox retreat!

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Why is it a Sanctuary

It’s the only luxurious wellness retreat in Bali to completely immerse itself in the ancient culture of Balinese healing. You can’t help but feel very cared for during your stay. Cleanses focus on holistic well-being, using ancient wisdom of the East, whilst understanding the modern way of life. Their living cuisine menu is also completely authentic and is an encouragement to eat healthier long term. They also offer Watsu and Healing Dance Aquatic Bodywork.

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The Tri Kaya Parisudha cleanse retreat offers a holistic ancient Balinese approach to detox and transformation. Experience Balinese healing rituals for purification, balancing & regeneration. Living food cuisine is offered with guidance and sacred arts for inner strength, dedication and integrity.

Colon Hydrotherapy is also available with the latest equipment from Dotolo Research Corporation, USA, assisted by a trained nurse who will gently guide you through the entire process with care.

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Soul Food

One of the highlights of Fivelements is the Living Cuisine menu. We know that integrating raw foods into our diets can lead to great energy and mental clarity. Eating in the Sakti Dining Room is an education in living foods and inspires you to learn how to offer yourself highly nutritive food. It also tastes delicious too!

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Who is it for

It’s for the type of person looking to eliminate toxins detrimental to health in a gentle way, using authentic Eastern healing practices. Singles and couple friendly, the Cleanse programs are aimed to detoxify not only the physical body but also and the mind and soul; unifying body and mind towards a natural harmonious state of being.