Short Detox Retreats in Bali

Ubud, Bali

Luxury Short Detox Retreats Bali

Bali is the perfect destination to experience Luxury Weekend Detox Retreats if you’re travelling from Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia or even busy Jakarta. You don’t even have to wait until the weekend! We can tailor luxury detox retreats from 3 nights plus and if you’re booking in the special offer periods, you can recieve amazing offers including Resort Credit and Complimentary Room Nights including breakfast*

Weekend Detox Retreats at Como Shambhala Estate are an education in long term healthy eating choices. Lets face it, even if you’re conscious about what you put into your body, we’re exposed to pollutants every day. And we’re only human, we’re sure you’ve replaced a healthy salad with something unhealthy at some point!

Of course its great to release toxins from the body and feel light and clearer in the mind, but you also need to consider how to sustain that post cleanse. Como has an in house team of experts including a nutritionist and residence nurse. Your weekend detox retreat will be personally tailored with a juice or meal plan given to the restaurant chef. Your plan will  improve lymphatic circulation and increase the detoxifying powers of the liver, bowels, kidneys and skin.

Como Shambhala’s Detox Retreats incorporate wellness programs which improve lymphatic circulation and increase the body’s detoxifying powers. The resort is situated near Bali’s spiritual centre Ubud, on a breathtaking tropical jungle estate. It has an outstanding selection of luxury accommodations ranging from Balinese style grand residences to contemporary villas complete with private pool and treatment rooms. Como also has state of the art facilities such as vitality pool, Pilates studio and gym as well as a yoga pavilion set against a jungle backdrop.

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An hour away from the hustle and bustle of South Bali, Como Shambhala is located near to Ubud. The residences are scattered over a sprawling tropical estate, its exclusivity truly lies in the majestic beauty of its setting. We loved the selection of accommodation to suit luxury to uber chic, all set within a lush jungle canopy. The estate has a great selection of daily activities such as nature walks and meditations too.

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Why is it a Sanctuary

Como Shambhala is not only situated in one of the most stunning tropical locations in the world, it also really qualifies as a health retreat with its team of onsite international specialists including an Ayurvedic Doctor who can give advice on nutrition, yoga therapy and osteopathy. Resident nurse and dieticians are also onsite to ensure optimum health and wellness throughout the programs.

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Como Shambhala have an expert team of consultants on hand who will encourage good nutrition (easy as the food is delicious and healthy too!) and daily elimination, improving the lymphatic circulation. They work on the premise that the liver, bowels, kidney and skin are the body’s most effective detoxification organs and offer appropriate herbal cleansers to restore the liver and digestive system

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Soul Food

An expert Nutritionist onsite to guide you through the cleanse, you’ll quickly become conscious of the beneficial effects of good food. They have 2 beautiful restaurants. Glow is an open sided all day dining restaurant where you can watch the chef’s preparing meals such seared mahi-mahi with baby zucchini, chickpea and mint salad or a fresh coconut curry. Our personal favorite is Kudus House, an ancient Javanese Joglo which serves breakfast and dinner.

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Who is it for

Como Detox Holidays are for those who feel like they’ve done their bodies a bit of a disservice and want a detox boost without extreme measures. It's also a great way to review what you’re feeding yourself and make positive moves towards eating healthily on a daily basis. Guests can receive great nutritional advice and easy recipes to use at home.