Bali detox, blog from the bog Day 1

My friend testing out the board on delivery

Got the colema board delivered on Saturday on loan (I’ve aptly named it the sh*t machine). It’s basically a home enema kit and I’m told that I should relax and light some incense, put some nice music on and pop this tube where the sun don’t shine. We reckon most of our guests will opt for the colonic instead but I’m trying it anyway!

If you’re doing this detox with your partner around I hope they know you well. Mine’s away which I think was a good thing yesterday (v gassy!).

Day 1

Woke up feeling good and full of energy. Not too much trouble making breakfast for my 4 year old (I’m sure food envy will kick in at some point).

Drank the first Cleansing Drink (Toxin absorber and Intestinal Sweep). Didn’t really taste of much (which is much better than tasting awful). Cycled child round the corner to school. Round one complete. Oddly drawn to the sh*t machine right now to see how it works. Will do after herb capsules.

Now evening and several cleansing drinks (which I thought weren’t too bad but are now severely taste like wallpaper paste) and capsules later and I’m feeling surprisingly fine. I drank a little coconut water in-between the wallpaper paste which was better and I’ve had 2 whole coconuts (juice only) today and a few veggie juices (freshly prepared)

Saying that I think I’m going to have to shut most of the world off by Wednesday because I’ve had challenges on the work front all day and it hasn’t helped (I thought doing a bit from home would be ok but the phone rang like crazy).

Really not hungry at all and not feeling weird about preparing dinner for the little one.

Let you all know how the sleep went and onwards feeling positive (if a little anxious about enema no.2!)

Bye for now from my blog from the bog (for anyone who doesn’t know I’m Northern English and bog means toilet there!)

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