Luxury Detox Retreats and Weight Loss Holidays in Asia

Many of today’s most common diseases are caused by long term accumulation of toxins and acid wastes in the body. The fast pace of life these days and surrounding pollutants, often leave us feeling physically sluggish and mentally exhausted. Our recommended Detox Retreats throughout Asia have a holistic approach and address both the physical and emotional aspects of cleansing.

Focusing on eliminating toxins from the body and adopting a healthy eating plan while you’re on holiday gives you a great start towards a long term healthier lifestyle. The fresh fruits, coconuts and herbal drinks in Asia encourage a healthier you and lets face it, less stress and not as many temptations surrounding you help too!

Detox Retreats are about much more than just losing a few pounds and feeling lighter (although that’s a great additional benefit!). On a detox holiday, your body receives a break and your soul has a chance to clear out some clutter in privacy. Our Detox Retreats are all set in the lap of luxury, ensuring you feel cared for and supported throughout. All our recommend Detox programs include nutritional advice and tips for sustainable healthier lifestyles.