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Stress Management Retreats in Thailand

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Thailand Stress Management
Stress Relief Retreats in Thailand

In Thailand we have a wonderful offering of luxury Stress Relief retreats which blend scientific methods and Eastern healing. Stress manifests itself on both physical and emotional levels, so if you’re looking into the root causes of your own anxiety or depression or want to learn more about stress relief techniques, this is the type of wellness retreat you’ll need.

Leading, exclusive health resort Chiva Som in Hua Hin has a ‘Cranial Relief’ program which is superb for those suffering stress, pain, or in need of rehabilitation. This Stress Management program includes a Naturopathic Consultation, Acupuncture, Ayurveda and Cranio-Myofascial Release, as well as Yoga and Meditation.

Achieve a heightened sense of self on a Mindfulness and Wellbeing immersion at luxury resort Amanpuri in Phuket. Meditation and yoga encourage inner reflection and spa treatments such as Cranial Sacral therapy, Reconnective Healing and Reiki calm the nervous system.

Kamalaya in Koh Samui has several luxury wellness retreats to combat stress, including ‘Relax and Renew’, to replenish depleted energy, ‘Asian Bliss’, which combines Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, and traditional Thai therapies, and ‘Balance and Revitalize’ which specifically addresses stress through naturopathy, Ayurveda and other healing treatments.

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