Powdery white beaches, gentle detox holidays, yoga by the sea, fitness and weight loss retreats. This is Thailand.

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Luxury Health and Wellness Retreats in Thailand

Thailand is host to some of the world’s leading and most well established, luxury Health and Wellness Retreats. As a country, it has it all, from powdery, white sand beaches, mystical, Buddhist philosophy, sacred temples and of course Thai massage. It’s one of the top Destination Spa locations in Asia, with Ayurveda, Colon Hydrotherapy and other healing treatments on offer.

We love to create personalised wellness holidays for our clients, working with top health resorts such as Chiva Som or fantastic detox holidays in Koh Samui at Kamalaya. We’ll discuss your holistic health prior to booking and decide what kind of wellness vacation may suit you. Blending detox and weight loss retreats, stress management and sleep enhancement, you’ll feel a great sense of renewal. Whether your reaching your peak with a fitness vacation or enjoying a luxury yoga retreat, we’ll consider your emotional wellbeing too.

Our wellness partners in Thailand welcome solo travellers or, if you wanted to travel with the family, let us tailor something to make you all smile at Amanpuri in Phuket. It may be that you adore the Spa and want yoga classes, your partner is set to achieve optimum fitness and the kids are excited to stand-up paddle. We will create it all with you in mind, leaving you to feel pretty awesome for putting your health first.

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