Cambodia Spiritual Retreats

Retreats in Cambodia at Angkor Wat

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Cambodia Spiritual Retreats
Spiritual Retreats in Cambodia

Imagine privately guided tours of Angkor Wat, the Bayon and lesser visited ancient temples, taking a walking meditation through the forest, led by a Master Monk or receiving a spiritual water blessing and hearing monks chanting in a local pagoda. These are all part of a cultural and spiritual retreat with us in Cambodia.

Staying at the gorgeous boutique resort Amansara, you’re only twenty minutes away from Siem Reap International Airport and only ten minutes from the UNESCO World Heritage site of Angkor itself. This location lends itself perfectly to multi destination Asia retreats too. We can blend a stay in Thailand, Vietnam or Laos and VIP you through airports throughout!

A four-night spiritual retreat in Cambodia includes two visits to Angkor and a very special Khmer breakfast at Amansara’s Wooden Village House within Angkor itself. It overlooks the 10th century, Royal bathing pool of Srah Srang within the jungle and ancient temples of Angkor. There is also a fascinating evening talk on ‘Understanding Buddhism’. This holistic healing retreat also includes a traditional Khmer bath therapy (Sras) and a hot herbal compress massage (Sor om Massa). You can also join an ancestral Khmer incense class, used in prayers and offerings throughout Asia.

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