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Bhutan - Yoga + Fitness
Bhutan Luxury Yoga & Spiritual Tours

The mystical ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’, Bhutan, has been allowing a select few travellers into the country to witness its unique way of life since 1974. With a philosophy based on ‘Gross National Happiness’ and an adherence to ancient spirituality, Bhutan is a very special place to enjoy yoga, healing treatments and trekking. From the snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas to verdant green valleys, the country is breath taking.

We like to create personal wellness journeys in Bhutan with each individual; from single destination inward experiences to multi-destination spiritual retreats. Stay with us at the luxury retreat Uma Paro and enjoy a week of yoga, guided meditation and spiritual day tours to ancient temples and monasteries. You’ll also enjoy Ayurvedic Spa treatments and a relaxing Bhutanese Hot Stone bath. Of course, a trip to Bhutan wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Tiger’s Nest Monastery.

We also work closely with the team at Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary; dedicated to holistic health and wellness. They closely with the local spiritual community and have two Bhutanese Traditional Medicine Doctors onsite. Our Spiritual Retreats at Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary are all inclusive, with all Spa treatments, consultations, healthy meals and local excursions on the menu. Just let us know your aims and we’ll magic up the rest!

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