Bhutan Spiritual Retreats

Vacation Retreats in Bhutan

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Bhutan Spiritual Retreats
Spiritual Retreats in Bhutan

The mystical land of Bhutan honours Buddhism’s ancient ceremonies, allowing a select few into the country annually to immerse themselves in time-honoured traditions. From visits to Buddhist monasteries which cling to dramatic cliff-sides, traditional Bhutanese treatments, to nature treks to suit all fitness levels, Bhutan is truly magical.

Our Bhutan wellness retreats at Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary in Paro are all inclusive. With two Bhutanese Traditional Doctors onsite and special relationships with the local temple monks, it’s a very special place with a healing focus on the individual. We work closely with the team to ensure our guests are guided on a personal spiritual and healing holiday.

The Bhutan boutique, luxury hotel Uma Paro is home to retreats which can include, yoga, meditation and healing spa treatments. We can weave daily yoga and restorative spa into each guest stay.

Or why not venture with us on an exclusive journey across Bhutan, staying at different Aman luxury lodges along the way. All these exclusive, spiritual retreats are personalised, so if you have time to see more of the country, we can create a unique journey which includes nature treks, ancient monastery visits, special butter lamp ceremonies and so much more.

Why not join the Bhutanese and measure your success by happiness!

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