Spiritual Tours in Bhutan to visit monasteries, practice yoga and meditation

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Spiritual Tours, Temples and Treks through Bhutan

Bhutan, The Land of the Thunder Dragon, is a mystical country, hidden within the Himalayas. Sheltered from foreign influences and without tourism until 1974, Bhutan holds an ancient charm and still restricts the number of visitors.

The landscape is breath taking, from the snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas, to lush forests and verdant valleys. Buddhist monasteries cling to steep hillsides, in a place where time is measured by spinning prayer wheels. It’s a privilege to spend time here and one that will be etched on your memory forever.

Trekking is the best way to enjoy the biodiversity of this wonderful country.  You can hike through rice paddies and lush forests, marvelling at ancient architecture and traditions on a spiritual tour from 7 nights and up. Visit old Buddhist temples and spend time with venerable monks.

We listen to each client’s desires and create a bespoke experience from that.  Take a spiritual tour to feed the soul, helping you to identify with what really matters in life or take a leisurely view of Bhutan, camera in hand, allowing us to guide you to the oldest and holiest religious monuments. With luxury lodges across the land, we can easily plan in an itinerary which spans the breadth of the country, such as a 12 night journey, staying at Aman luxury lodges. Begin in Thimphu, the colourful capital of Bhutan with its brightly coloured facades, travel through to Punakha, and trail through the valley of Gangtey, picnicking on the banks of the River Punak. Move on to the Paro Valley, home to 7th century temples and breath taking vistas. It’s a must when visiting Bhutan, to end any tour by ascending to Tiger’s Nest Monastery, a national treasure. The Buddhist monastery is perched 900 metres high and clings to the cliff face.

If you’d like to weave some health and wellness into your Bhutan vacation, stay with us at Uma Paro and practice yoga and meditation in sacred places. Alternatively, have all your healing treatments, yoga and meditation included at Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary near Paro. We offer personal holistic health and spiritual experiences ranging from 6 nights and up.

You’ll leave this magical land, where people measure their success in happiness, feeling wiser and soul satisfied.

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