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Bali - Detox
Bali Luxury Detox

Bali is a great place to disconnect and undertake a detox program, but with so many google searches, it’s hard to find an authentic program that’s right for you. That’s where we step in; it’s crucial to us at Soul Sanctuaries that we understand the method behind each health and wellness retreat detox package. We’re not into hardcore fasting programs, because life tends to get in the way and starving for one week just isn’t that beneficial!

We work closely with authentic, luxury wellness retreats such as COMO Shambhala Estate and Fivelements in Bali to create bespoke detox holidays for our valued clients.

The COMO Shambhala Estate Detox Holiday focuses on a gentle cleanse using nutritional elements such as healthy juices, teas, broths and tonics. Fitness is supportive, from yoga to nature treks and Spa treatments can include acupuncture, colonic hydrotherapy and healing massage. All personal programs are guided under the care of a team of health experts and the jungle location is breath-taking.

Fivelements Tri Kaya Parisudha Detox Retreat is inspired by the ancient Balinese philosophy of living with purity of thought, speech and action. Healing rituals can include colonic cleansing, Balinese energy healing treatments or even water healing. Yoga, meditation and the martial art Aikodo can also feature and healthy, living cuisine is at the core of Fivelements offering. Living or raw, plant-based foods are served and let us tell you, they are delicious! We can even weave in a culinary learning experience to allow you to prepare more once you are home!

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