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One of the nicest things about owning Soul Sanctuaries, our luxury wellness travel company is that we get to travel around Asia meeting holistic practitioners and experiencing energetic healings. When we decided to be authentic in our offering, we were initially considering how important is it to be able to honestly say how each practitioner works. Of course the extra-added bonus is feeling the good vibes ourselves!

I figured out that the planet mercury is in retrograde at the moment because everything to do with anything electrical failed yesterday. Both the telephone landline and mobile were down, the car battery was flat, there was a power cut in the office and of course no internet connection at home.  It wore me out so I was glad that I had a craniosacral session booked for this morning.

If you’ve never tried a craniosacral therapy session before, here’s a quick synopsis of the practice. Let me point out that there is currently no scientific evidence that CRT works and the extent to which the cranial bones can move is a point of controversy. But once you’re on the table and you experience pulsating energy, sometimes an emotional release and a general feeling of deep relaxation and well-being, you begin to understand that science doesn’t even begin to explain it all.

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle, hands on therapy aimed to release tensions and misalignments in the body and allow for past trauma release and healing. It restores the body’s natural self healing mechanisms. Craniosacral therapists are trained to recognize the rhythms created by fluid and energy flows and can therefore sense where the rhythms are disturbed. You would usually be lying down and fully clothed. The therapist will either lightly touch the skull and parts of the body or hold their hands near to the body.

I like to experience energetic healing. I feel connected to both my inner body and my soul. On this occasion I saw flashes of images which flickered on the window of my mind. They made absolutely no sense in relation to my daily existence (I’ve learned not to analyse these!). I experienced waves of extremely deep relaxation and awakeness. Once the therapist moved from my skull area I instinctively knew she’d start working on my pelvic area. It’s my area of recurring physical and emotional blockage. During this part of the session I felt a very strong, yet beautiful energy transference and physical shift. I also felt that I was being nurtured during the process which I find essential. If you’re willing to open heartedly experience these kinds of holistic therapies then it’s essential to feel safe and secure in the therapists care.

Post treatment we discussed the experience jointly and I drifted off home to process. I’m going to seeing my remedial masseur to check my pelvic alignment then back for another craniosacral session in ten days. I’ll keep you posted and hope you enjoyed reading.


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