Corporate Wellness Retreats: Luxury Executive Health Retreats in Asia

Our Corporate Wellness Retreats are set in luxury locations across Asia. We devise a personal executive wellness retreat program for your company based on the companies current issues and future aims. Our Soul facilitators use a combination of conventional and creative techniques to establish group dynamics and explore the self through assessment.  Fitness programs can include outdoor activities such as trekking, white-water rafting, horse-riding and yoga and meditation to calm and balance.

Today’s world demands professionals to be constantly switched-on and the fast pace of working life stops people from being connected with themselves, taking its toll on the physical and mental wellbeing. Soul Sanctuaries work with some of the world’s leading Executive Coaches, who combine their extensive knowledge in Leadership Development with a holistic wellbeing approach.

Business leaders will have the opportunity to redefine leadership and personal objectives and feel confident to break old negative patterns and develop new capabilities to lead successfully. Those searching for a new direction will identify how they currently relate to the world, what they really want to achieve in life and create an action plan on how to live it now. Once inter-personal issues and obstacles have been resolved, expansion occurs on all levels and business begins to flow more smoothly.

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