Conscious Parenting by Dr Shefali

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I’m reading a wonderful book called The Conscious Parent, transforming ourselves, empowering our children by Dr. Shefali Tsabary.

It’s one of those books with many aha moments and great life lessons, whether you’re a parent or not. As the Mum of a very active and determined 9 year old, it’s definitely keeping me on track and reducing the drama in the household (we’re both very expressive!).

Here are a few of her golden nuggets…

The Conscious Parent


“We adults are often afraid to surrender to our emotions. We find it difficult to tolerate feelings such as rejection, fear, anxiety, ambivalence, doubt and sadness. So we run from our feelings either by burying them through avoidance, resisting them, or displacing them onto people and situations outside ourselves through emotional reactivity”


“Feeling our emotions without reacting to them can be terrifying.”

Amen to that!

“Life happens, pure and simple. No matter how we try to manage it, it has a force beyond logic or coherence. When we swim in the ocean, we allow the water to move our body. We don’t protest, “How dare this wave be so high? It should be low.” We accept that we have no dominion over the ocean. Why, then, when it comes to relationships or events in our life are we unable to simply go with them? Life isn’t inherently good or bad, but like waves of the ocean just is.”

I think we’ve all felt at one point in our lives like we are winging it, whether that’s parenthood, jobs or relationships. But it’s sound advice like Dr Shefali’s that can make us feel like we’ve not entirely lost it!

The book is available in most major bookstores and you can also find it here

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