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COMO Shambhala’s Ayurvedic Doctor on wellbeing

Our mission with Soul Sanctuaries is to help busy people live a healthy lifestyle, full of vitality, balance and joy. In a world where people juggle work and home life, it’s important to take a moment and consider what it’s all about and how to maintain a healthy perspective.

COMO Shambhala Bali on Ayurveda

We work with Asia’s leading Wellness Sanctuaries and Holistic Health Experts to personalise your experiences. We’re always seeking advice for you too and today we’re interviewing COMO Shambhala Bali Estate’s leading Naturopathic Consultant Dr. Vinod Kumar, on his tips for a healthy daily life. Let’s dive in…

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The term Holistic Health is used a lot these days; what does this mean to you?

As per me treating the person as a whole, and making the body heal by itself by detoxing physical, mental and emotional levels using natural therapeutics, rather than just suppressing symptoms of a disease.

Give us COMO Shambhala Bali’s top 5 tips for a healthy life?

1. Right way of servicing the body (detoxing and rejuvenating) as we do here at COMO Shambhala Estate ,doing this very important step of being completely healthy, under a well experienced wellness expert, who can identify if there are any health issues and underlying root causes in your individual body and removing them by prescribing the right sequence of holistic treatments, therapeutic yoga and diet.I strongly believe the importance of servicing the body first, like the way we clean our house first before accommodating new things into it.

So it’s very important to detox and calm down our system first by using individualised sequence of detoxifying body treatments and detoxifying diet. And then to focus on building the body with macro and micro nutrients, which could be the right diet or supplementation as per the individual body.

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2. Right way of exercising and resting– as per myself and yoga, it’s always very important to exercise and expand the whole yogic body (whole yogic body made of Annamaya kosha- physical sheath ,pranamaya kosha- energy sheath , manomaya kosha-mental sheath,vjnanamaya kosha- intellectual sheath and most importantly anandamaya kosha- blissful sheath). So I believe right exercise means right yoga with authentic traditional principles of yoga, integrated with practicing detachment, integration of breath, movements and right internal focus as per individual posture and yogic sequences of asana. Most beneficial practice of relaxing/resting is Yoga Nidra as practicing 30 minutes of yoga nidra in a serene and tranquil atmosphere, such as Como Shambhala Estate could provide 4-6 hours of sound sleep effect and it’s also one very important preparation for meditation as this could build detachment from natural distraction.

3. Right way of eating – eating at the right time , right quantity, right nutrients ,right pace of eating as per the individual body is very important to balance metabolism ,energy levels , body weight and most importantly to maintain positive attitude in your whole life.

4. Right way of thinking – this can be attained through regular practice of Yogic breathing techniques and Meditation.

5. Right way of drinking water – this has a huge impact in our digestion ,absorption and assimilation of the food also to maintain a healthy body weight and healthy inner viscera.

What do you see as the major concerns of your clients and how can one week with you help?

I found most of my clients lack a regular servicing of their body and mind and it would be helpful for them to make their life as stress-free and healthy one with my prescription of individualised sequence of body treatments integrated with detoxifying diet for the whole body and individualised traditional yoga practice if they spend a week or more with us here.

So there you have it, in Dr Vinod’s capable naturopathic hands you can start to relax and be guided towards to healthier existence. Just let us know your dates and we’ll do the rest.

For all wellness inquiries:
Email : info@soul-sanctuaries.com

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