Bali Detox: Blog from the bog Day 2

Woke up at 4.45am feeling pretty alert and amazed that I’m not feeling hungry at all, considering the fact that I love food and eat often. Try not to think that I’m starting the day drinking that bland cleansing drink. I learned something yesterday. When you drink that have some coconut juice nearby to sip in-between slurps and then its fine!

Wanted to try the enema kit again. Lessons learned from yesterday; have the incense nearer to you because you don’t smell pretty. Don’t think you can take both phones in the loo with you and answer calls and emails at the same time (me time please). Use a towel over the board for comfort and a pillow at your head but don’t let the towel go too close to the toilet exit!

The enema was so much easier than yesterday. I really felt like I’d cleaned the tubes a bit already.

Its early afternoon now and I’m feeling calm and lucid which I didn’t expect at all. Had a full on meeting at child’s school in afternoon and was very clear and calm.

Thinking of food more today and harder to prepare dinner for the little one. They say Day 3 could be challenging – bring it on!

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