Sugarless Soul; A week sugar free round-up

Green Juice
Soul Sanctuaries offer luxury healthy holidays across Asia and we practice what we preach. That said, I was too many chocolate biscuits in and that needed to stop. I’ve made it one week sugar free and caffeine free and do you know what, I’m going to another week too. I honestly did not think that I would feel more energised immediately, but a few days in and I was waking up feeling more rested and clearer. Thank you so much to the fantastic expert tips from Paul Emery, founder of QEPR, a science based mind and body healing technique. We also had some superb advice from Dietician Eve Persak MS RDN CNSC CSSD. Here they are again inside for anyone that missed the blogs.

For anyone thinking of cutting back on sugar my personal tips would be;

Shop well in advance (I didn’t!) to stop you being tempted to cheat

If you’re a tea or coffee drinker and are going caffeine free too, think about what you are replacing it with. I always drink heaps of water and I had homemade smoothies and herbal teas

Think about your work schedule if you can. I had some aches and pains mid-week and over did it.
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Sugarless Soul; A week sugar free Day 6


sugar free tipsPeople keep asking me what it’s like to go sugar free, and I have to say so far not too bad. I’m wondering whether it’s because my chocolate biscuit habit with a very English cup of tea was only one year in. Like a baby habit to break? But I’m told that it’s just my brain adjusting to not having the regular sweet treat.

In all honesty what I’d like to do is go a little longer without any sugar and then enjoy honey on my toast again and the odd cake when I feel like it.

How do I feel on Day 6?

Waking up more energised in the morning!

Proud that I’m taking care of what I put into my body, it’s not perfect but it’s my temple.

I’ve had some leg aches and pains yesterday but they disappeared today.

I feel slightly lighter already and with a bit of rpm I might even lose that muffin top!

Tomorrow I’ll do a round up of everything I learned this week so hope it’s been helpful to you all out there. If you’ve done something similar, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

If you’d love to eat well and have a luxury break at the same time, please do get in touch:



Sugarless Soul; A week sugar free Day 5

sugar and hormones

I’ve made it five days sugar and caffeine free so far. I just want to say at this point that I’m not advocating that everyone should give up sugar for good. I was binging on the late night sweet treats and that’s not cool, given that I run a wellness travel company! This journey will hopefully allow me to enjoy my favourite dark choccies but not go on to over indulge in the future.

I was an irritable Mum on Sunday (why oh why did I try to make my son clean his room!). That said, I do feel a slight upsurge in energy already and in-between running the business and caring for him, I managed to paint the garden shed and plant some flowers. I’ve been tapping my way to losing my desire for chocolate cake and biscuits, thanks to the fantastic tapping techniques given by Paul Emery last week.Well, if it worked for Kate Moss, why not me?

Expert Dietician Eve Persak gave us some superb tips on training your palate and what to focus on. Sorry Eve, I still stuck to 3 large meals today. I think the key to this really is sensible, planned shopping!

So today I thought I’d focus on sugar and how it affects the hormones. I’ve had my rather large share of hormonal imbalance. I’m not putting it all down to the midnight feasts, but will going sugar free help?
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Sugarless Soul; A Week Sugar Free Day 4

Eve Persak

I’m so excited today to bring you tips on going sugar free from Expert Dietician Eve Persak MS RDN CNSC CSSD.I first met Eve when she was helping guests as a consultant for nutrition at the renowned COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali and I was so impressed by her depth of knowledge and attitude towards eating well. She is a Registered Dietitian and a board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She is also among fewer than 4000 professionals worldwide to hold Certified Nutrition Support Clinician credentials. I’m feeling super grateful that she offered some tips on withdrawing from sugar. Let’s hear them then.. Read More

Sugarless Soul; A Sugar Free Week Day 3

I think that someone up there must have realised I might need some help with quitting sugar, because in the last 24 hours I’ve had two world leading holistic experts getting in touch to offer me help!  Multi award winning Paul Emery, Founder of QEPR offered some tapping techniques to assist with withdrawal from sugar. You’ll find Paul traversing the globe, offering his therapies to super models and high fliers alike. He works in some of the world’s finest luxury wellness resorts, helping people to lose bad habits and live with more balance and joy. So here’s what he suggested to help quit sugar. 


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Sugarless Soul; A Sugar Free Week Day 2

low fructose fruits

Quit sugar she said. I had a slight shooting headache this morning, which feels like dehydration but isn’t. It didn’t stopping me getting on with it, but it’s reminding me that it’s likely chocolate biscuit withdrawal. I got slightly irritated this morning when I discovered that loads of products have sugar in them ; fancied light cheese on a cracker – has sugar..oh and a bagel – has sugar. Resorted to porridge and added in a few low fructose fruits, raspberry and blueberry.

How did the rest of the day pan out? Like a rollercoaster!

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Sugarless Soul; A sugar free week Day 1

Soul Sanctuaries

Going Sugar Free.

In my early teens, I heard about diets and quickly realised that I am not the type of person suited to any of them. If I tell myself not to eat something, I literally obsess about it then feel super guilty when I give in to my desire. So why stop consuming sugar for a week (or hopefully a bit more)?

I’ve been spending more time in the UK, after living in Asia for over a decade and I indulged in chocolate and red wine. I was astounded to see how much sugar is now in heaps of different products on the supermarket shelves.

I quickly fell into munching biscuits at 10:00pm and stuffing my feelings with my favourite chocolate bar.

So here I am, going cold turkey Day 1 and I decided to lose the caffeine too. I don’t drink coffee but my tea drinking has exploded as you can imagine in Britain! Lets dive in and see how the day played out shall we?
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Women’s Health Expert Nancy Kim

Women's Health







Today at Soul Sanctuaries we had the pleasure to chat to Women’s Health Expert Nancy Kim, MSTOM, DIPL. OM, Oriental Medicine Consultant at the wonderful COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali. I really think Nancy sums up the major issues facing our female clients, which is why we love to send our clients to her. Taking that well deserved time out, beginning to care for the self and healing in a holistic way is what you can expect from your personalised stay.
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Move the body, free the mind

 luxury health

Here at Soul Sanctuaries we love to let you know about the best ways to heal your body and free your mind. If you are working with a computer daily, you’ll love this! Our guests can incorporate Mandy’s therapy within their personalised luxury healthy holidays, designed by us here at Soul Sanctuaries.

Today we had the pleasure of interviewing Mandy Kealy, British Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner. You’ll catch Mandy teaching this gentle movement therapy at some of the world’s finest luxury wellness sanctuaries.

The Feldenkrais Method is a gentle movement therapy that can help anyone who wants to reconnect with their natural abilities to move, think and feel well. Whether you want to be more comfortable sitting at your computer, performing a favourite pastime, recover more swiftly from an injury, or simply improve your posture and alignment, these gentle lessons can improve your overall wellbeing.

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Bio Identical Hormone Balance




Swollen tummy, husband driving you crazy, trouble sleeping… how many things have you put down to your hormones? I know I have! My own personal journey into insanity led me to eventually reclaim my health and balance through bio-identical hormones. A year or so after the birth of my son, I was experiencing some pretty severe symptoms such as headaches like a tight headband, the water retention of a whale and foul moods leading up to my cycle. I just thought it was a woman’s ‘lot’ post pregnancy. It wasn’t until I took my son to our local homeopath and happened to mention to her how rotten I felt. She explained (with a massive dollop of empathy) that life didn’t have to be that way. Several simple tests later, it was confirmed that my hormones were off the richter scale. It all started to make a lot of sense!

I wasn’t convinced at first that a cream could restore order to my world but after around six weeks, I was already feeling the benefits. I didn’t realize how unwell, both physically and mentally, I had become, until I was on the road to recovery. In honor of all those women out there currently suffering from the symptoms of hormonal imbalance, we bring you an interview with Dr. Jan Toledano of The Marion Gluck Clinic, World Leading Specialists in Hormone and Sexual Health (his and hers).

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