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best bali fitness retreats

Best Bali Fitness Retreats

We know Bali intimately, so what do we think are the best Bali Fitness Retreats?

Set in gorgeous private villa locations, promising small groups and heaps of inclusions, Bali Fitness Retreats are a great way to enjoy a healthy holiday, meet like minded souls and see the ‘Island of the Gods’ at its best. Here, we’re chatting to Bali fitness veteran, Amanda Jane, on what makes her wellness retreats so special.

bali fitness retreats women
Fitness Instructor Amanda Jane is centre, in pink with a beautiful smile!

Our lowdown on the best Bali’s Fitness Retreats

Amanda, tell us how you became a yoga teacher and life coach? 

“My passion in life is to empower my guests be the best and truest version of themselves possible.  For me this journey has to encompass healing through the awesome force of nature, good food and nutrition, physical movement, breath-work, spiritual growth and self love.  I am a certified yoga instructor, fitness trainer and life coach.  Twenty years ago, I began my personal yoga and spiritual practice in India. This ignited my desire to delve deeper into self discovery and helping others, and resulted in me becoming a certified yoga teacher 15 years ago. Nowadays, I live, eat and breathe the power that lies behind these practices. I have been in daily training for the past 12 years to heighten my intuition, allowing me to be the best version of an instructor that I am capable of. I am also a certified NLP practitioner, breakthrough life coach and practiced in the art of Theta Healing.”

solo female retreats bali

What emotional and physical issues do people joining your fitness and yoga retreats generally have?

“It is my experience that the stresses of daily life, the toxins – both emotional and physical – that we are surrounded with in so many ways, tend to block us from reaching our full potential. They prevent us from tapping into the positive energies available in the universe.  We can be left exhausted, stunted, unrealised and feeling frustrated, angry and unappreciated. But it doesn’t have to be that way!  It gives me great joy to guide people on their personal journeys to actualising their full capacity.  I love using the many modalities I am trained and certified in, as well as my own intuition and positive energy to help people grow, change, revitalise and rejuvenate. I believe we are all unique, beautiful people with a lot to give, that we all have the capacity to be Rockstars!”

bali fitness retreats for women

If someone is desk bound on a daily basis, what would your top tips be?

  • Use the stairs, not elevators or escalators
  • Take walking lunches
  • Get off your chair every hour for 5 minutes and move. Touch your toes and stretch. side stretch and swing your arms from side to side at a fast pace. or side step at a fast pace. Create your own 5 minute ‘groove in the move’ time.
  • Be mindful of your posture. To sit with a good posture you must pull up the pelvic floor muscles and hold the lower floating ribs in. Now that your core is engaged you will sit straighter. don’t forget to about your shoulders. Are you holding your shoulders up towards your ears or down towards your chair? Towards the chair is much better.
  • Get in the habit of moving your feet. Rotate your ankles then change direction. Flex your feet towards you then flex them away from you. Rotate your shoulders and wrists too.
  • Also set an alarm on your phone every few hours to pause and take a few conscious breaths.

What’s a like for a solo traveler on Bali Fitness Retreats?

“These type of wellness retreats are so welcoming for solo travellers. If you’re a solo female traveller, it’s one of the best ways to up your fitness level, have some indulgent massages and spend time with some like minded souls. Always small group affairs, you can enjoy feeling healthy together and explore the island, then retreat to your own space at your leisure.”

bali women's retreats

It can be a bit daunting to meet a personal trainer for the first time, what makes you relatable?
“People relate to me as a good PT because I share everything I know right from the start. For me, it is not about getting a new client, it is more important that I support them and give them advice to suit their lifestyle and fitness level. I am totally focused on them and their wants and goals. I give them a full fitness regime to take home and implement too. My years of experience shows in my physique and my knowledge about routines, discipline and nutrition. I am always aware of how it can be for new clients just showing up in the beginning, being vulnerable as we assess where they are at.”

If you only have 10 minutes before work, what routine would you suggest to get things moving?

“I would suggest a 10 minute cardio. Jogging in one place or using a treadmill is great. Dancing to your favourite music in your house, stretch, meditate, small movements at home. Walk in a park ,beach ,streets whatever is available to you. Alternatively, a fast flow of sun salutations for 10 minutes gets the heart rate up.”

Finally, what are your ‘live by’ quotes!

  • You will be disappointed if you let your dreams and goals pass you by so go after them !
  • Life is not about finding yourself but creating yourself!
  • Live, Love and know you are on your journey!

We adore Amanda’s positivity and you will too! Her health and wellness retreats are dated throughout 2018-2019 and can each be personalised to suit the individual. Simply get in touch and we’ll magic up the rest!

If you’ve been on one of our Bali Fitness Retreats, let us know your thoughts in the comments below and please share the love!

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