Why being of service is a gift


I just have to share this with you all today because I had one of those ‘aha’ moments. I’ve had a ongoing problem for a while now and which ever way I try to tackle it, it’s just not shifting. Leaving nothing to a higher power (swap with God, the universe, collective consciousness, whichever fits), I have been getting highly frustrated with why my sincere efforts are hitting heavy brick walls.


I’m one of those people who, when I think I have the solution, I want it in ‘my time’, which is usually as immediate as fast food. Of course, life has a way of saying ‘hold up, you don’t know how all the jigsaw pieces fit right now’ , while I’m squirming in my seat.

I woke up this morning and committed to laying my problems aside and helping others. I wasn’t stuffing them under the rug (another personal favourite) or denying that they existed. I was simply telling myself I’d done everything I knew practically possible towards finding a solution and for the first time in ages I honestly let them go.


I got in the car and went to a hospital to visit a sick friend and make him smile. I went to a photocopying shop to run copies of some brochures needed. I visited another friend at her cafe and listened (I’m getting better at that). I then went to give another friend some help as a mentor on a business idea. And finally, I picked up my adorable son and helped him with his homework.

As I walked towards his school today, I slowed my pace and observed my gait. What felt different I pondered? I felt peaceful and comfortable in my own skin. WOW!

My problems hadn’t miraculously vanished. I couldn’t even say my attitude towards them had changed today. It was my focus. Instead of pushing with all my mental capacity towards a forced outcome, which I have no idea is the right one, I just let go and was of service to others. Its magic, trust me, try it. And it’s not just me who really thinks so…


Its our mission to help others live with balance, peace and vitality so if that’s something you’re into (and lets face it who isn’t?) please do drop me a line.

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