Am I excited about my next Detox program in Bali ?

So I’m in that pre-cleanse week. The one where you go out shopping all virtuosly and come back feeling proud of all the gorgeous fruit and vegetables you have in the fridge…until you hit around 7.30pm and you have the evening munchies and there’s nothing (and I mean nothing) palatable in your fridge to eat.

I explained it to my Cleanse facilitator at the wonderful Puravida Detox, it’s like having the proverbial angel on one shoulder and a little devil on the other. I’m so pleased that I’m giving myself this detox, it’s going to be like a present for my body for sure after some recent excesses! But then there’s that devil sitting pre-detox retreat and saying ‘go on eat the last chocolate cake, you know you want it!’. So far I’m staying strong so keep your fingers and toes crossed for me for. The real detox sans food starts on Monday.

At Soul Sanctuaries we made ourselves a promise not to recommend anything to our Soul seekers which we hadn’t tried ourselves. We’re currently putting together some signature cleanse programs and retreats which will take place in luxury private villas in beautiful Bali. Imagine clearing out the internal clutter while receiving massages against the backdrop of emerald rice paddies and palm trees.

Josh is guiding me through the whole detox process and has just delivered the most pretty cleanse box I’ve ever seen in my life.His soothing explanation and guidance is making me feel pretty well taken care of already. He’s on call 24/7 but I’m hoping I won’t need to make any teary midnight calls! I’m assured that, although I might wonder what the hell I’m doing without food by Day 4, I’ll be feeling fantastic by next weekend.

So, starting Monday 22nd October (Day 1) I will be blogging daily about my experiences (hopefully in not too much graphic detail) and posting pics. If I feel like the experience was all worthwhile afterwards then we’ll have a new Soul Sanctuaries partner for our custom cleanse programs.

Wish me luck!