Bali Spiritual Tours

Bali, Indonesia

Bali Spiritual Tours : Day Tours to visit temples, local healers and artisans

What should you expect on a Bali Spiritual Tour?

Led by a local guide, knowledgeable in all major religious influences, you’ll spend half day and day tours visiting lesser known temples, trying Balinese medicinal drinks known as Jamu’s and receiving blessings from a Hindu priest. Of course, since ‘Eat, Love’Pray’ came out, people have descended on masse to Ubud requesting an audience with ‘Ketut’. As you can imagine, thousands of ‘authentic’ Ketut Liyars sprang up so it’s our job to sift out the real ‘Balians’. Put your sceptisicm aside when you visit a Balinese healer,  you can receive some amazing insights into your existence, believe us, we have!

Our Bali spiritual day tours are designed to be private so you’ll have an air conditional vehicle with driver plus your guide all to yourself. We’ve known Wayan for all long time and his enthusiasm and vast knowledge about Bali’s spiritual history is second to none. He also has a wicked sense of humor so enjoy your day out with him!

Once you’re out of the hub bub of the South, Bali remains a mystical island. Ornate temples are scattered through villages which open out onto rice terraces. It really doesn’t matter when you come to Bali, there’s always a ceremony happening somewhere. It’s a daily occurrance!