Having lived in Bali for over 7 years, we can tailor all our Bali Spiritual Tours to answer your personal calling. Sacred day and half day tours to Bali’s Hindu temples may be on your agenda. You will tour in your own private air-conditioned vehicle with an expert Balinese guide who will explain all religious influences on Bali and includes a visit to an authentic local healer or ‘Balian’.

Bali is a very sacred island full of spiritual energy and its with this in mind that we craft unique cultural experiences for our soul seekers. We don’t want you to experience a ‘made for all tourists’ temple tour or a unexplained dance performance. All our day tours include informed guides who pride themselves on their spiritual knowledge, superb English and friendly attitude.

We can tailor Bali spiritual tours to focus on healing, spirituality, culture, craftsmanship, outdoor fitness, you name it. Come create some new memories with us.