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Bali Healer Annick

Bali Spiritual Healer offers wise words

Today we are going deep with my dear friend and Bali Spiritual Healer Annick, otherwise known as ‘The Bali Oracle’. She had guided me gracefully through many a challenge with her huge open heart and gentle, empathetic nature. How cool is it that I now get to share her infinite wisdom with you all here!

Bali Spiritual Healer on living a Happy Life

What are your top 3 tips for a Happy Life?

1.Learn to love, accept and embrace your delicious bits…  Your lovely bits..Your dirty bits.. All your light and all your shadow. That way you stop judging yourself and others, there’s a freedom in that.

2.Practice surrendering… Allow the universe to drive that car, so you can enjoy the journey… At times the script will be far more magnificent than if you wrote it yourself.

3.Allow the practice of Gratitude to be part of your every breath, awareness of such lifts your heart bringing you home in this awakened heart field, your essence lies here.

How would you describe yourself and your healing abilities?

I am an oracle, a conduit for ‘divine spirit’, allowing a flow of words and energy to reach your soul reminding you of what you have forgotten, reconnecting you too your authentic perfect soul.   I teach practical tools, allowing clients to build a bridge from their minds to their hearts, this is where you have always dwelled, this is home.  I use Tarot cards for guidance, crystals, touch and pure energy from the core of this amazing planet to give you an experience. At times words are not enough, in the experience is where the magic lies, your body can’t lie about such energetic imprints.

agni hotra fire ceremony

Tell us about Balinese Ceremonies and your involvement

Though l have lived in Bali for such a long time, l have only recently connected with some Balinese healers.  There are so many ceremonies here to bring balance in all that is.  By partaking in them, l have recently been able to access old ancient knowledge, this is still new for me and is unfolding.  Currently l feel the religion is 90 percent cultural and 10 percent spiritual,  l sense that the knowledge divine spirit is allowing to resurface is in regards to reversing that ratio.

What do you see as people major issues today and how can we begin to reconnect and heal

Separation is what l feel is the core issue at this moment in time.Separation from ourselves.. our heart and soul.. to each other..  to this planet… to the universe. We have forgotten so much and have resided to live a limited mediocre life.

To reconnect and heal we need to first come from love, not  fear.We need to forgive ourselves and others, we need to accept but with all that and so much more we need to do the work for we are worthy of so much more.

Bali Healer Annick

What could somebody expect from a Bali Spiritual Healer?

Expect nothing.

Sit at my table with an open heart connected to your higher self, and trust you will receive a seed that will be planted, then it’s up to you to nourish it, feed it and water it, l will give you the tools for that.

Thank you so much for sharing those beautiful words of wisdom Annick!

When we create health and wellness experiences in Bali, we draw on our vast experience of the island’s healing gurus. We will weave in visits with Bali Spiritual healers such as Annick, purification ceremonies and sacred temple visits. All designed with you in mind.

If you’d like to explore more or get in touch with her, just drop us a line at info@soul-sanctuaries.com



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