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Bali Purification Ceremony

Holy water plays a key part in a Bali Purification Ceremony and visiting a ‘Tirta’, a sacred place of water purification, is a common event in Bali. When local Balinese feel stressed or unbalanced, they participate in water blessings called ‘Melukat’, believing that these sacred rituals cleanse the body, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

What is a Bali Purification Ceremony?

We headed to ‘Penglukatan Pancoran Solas Taman Mumbal’ to regain our balance after a period of jet-lag and missing the spiritual connection which we both feel in Bali. My son spent the first seven years of his life in Bali, born at home and raised with Balinese healers to guide him. He adores these opportunities to connect to spirit.

This Bali purification ceremony begins with some prayers at the temple. Sanskrit mantras are chanted as we follow our guide Nyoman in raising a white frangipani between hands in prayers to honour the God of the sun. Incense wafts about us as we ask for blessings from Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma. Nyoman takes the ‘canang’ flowering offerings we previously helped to make in the village and uses them to ask for more blessings before we enter the water. Above us are eleven Hindu Gods, each representing a positive quality in life;

Bali Purification Ceremony statue meanings:

Gangga: serves to balance energy in our bodies and within our lives

Siwaratri: the source of all knowledge

Wisnu: to maintain inner purity good energy

Iswara: to be loyal and honest

Brahma: for strength and courage

Mahadewa: evoking loyalty and wisdom

Sangkara: for fertility and vitality

Sambu: recognising that life is empty and to forget sadness

Maheswara: Fostering friendship and peace in your soul

Rudra: to provide supreme creative power

Siwa: releasing negative energy and creating positive chi.

As we stop before each statue, from which flows sacred spring water, we pause as Nyoman explains the significance of each. The ritual involves splashing the face three times, drinking three times and covering the body and head three times, whilst asking for each specific quality given. The whole process takes around twenty minutes.

After drying off, we return to the temple to receive blessings from the Balinese Priest. He places whole rice on our foreheads, planting the seed of prosperity and attaches a woollen bracelet on our wrists to signify the blessing. Mine remained with me for weeks afterward!

Balinese Ceremony
Tour Guide Nyoman, Soul Sanctuaries Founder Joanne and her son in Bali

Taking part in a Bali Purification Ceremony is a healing experience and one which makes me feel honoured to be connected to such a spiritual land. If you’d like to experience a Spiritual Day Tour while you’re enjoying one of our luxury wellness retreats in Bali then please do get in touch.

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