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Why are we working with a Bali children’s charity?


Central to our company mission is a giving program called Give a Little Soul a Sanctuary. It’s our pledge that whenever somebody books a healthy holiday with us whether that be a luxury yoga retreat in Bali, a well earned detox holiday in Thailand or a step on the path to spiritual enlightenment, part of each payment will go towards helping impoverished children in Asia.bali children'as charities

Dentist Pak Agung, Doctor Anik and Nurses with Joanne of Soul Sanctuaries

We recently had the honour of joining our Bali charity partner Bali Kids on the road in their medical mobile unit to see how donations were put to use. Bali Kids is a charitable organization dedicated to helping sick and orphaned children in Bali, reaching out to over 7000 children each year. Through the centre for orphans, they care for young children who are separated from families due to illness and poverty, caring for them and uniting them back into family life wherever possible. Their mobile medical unit regularly visits economically challenged and remote villages, offering children vital healthcare. An expanding community outreach program also provides healthcare and education to children and parents in remote parts of Bali.

I was so excited to see the team in action and was thrilled that we would be visiting a Bali slum school which supports education for Bali street children through the work of Safe Childhoods foundation. It was Bali Kids job to visit at the end of the school session and check for any treatable illness.

Children Charity Bali

I was completely awestruck by the way the Bali Kids Doctor, Dentist and nurses immediately put the children at ease. We set up 11 boxes of medical equipment in the classroom and they began to examine the children one by one. Some of the children required milk teeth removal due to infection. The Dentist could have looked quite scary to the average child, all masked up with a rather large needle; but the Bali kids team were so professional and kept the children smiling while they swiftly administered injections and removed teeth. Dr Anik treated ear infections and blockages and skin sores with the utmost ease.

Bali Kids Charities

The Bali Kids Mobile Medical Unit goes out up to 5 times per week, visiting orphanages, slum schools and very poor villages in remote parts of Bali. They try to treat as many children as possible on-site, although sometimes they do recommend a visit to their facility in cases such as suspected HIV infection. During my time with the unit and staff, I felt that I was in the company of angels walking the earth. The efforts of these individuals really do impact the lives of impoverished children in Asia and I’m so proud that we chose Bali Kids as our Bali giving partners.

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