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Bali and Java Spiritual Retreats

These Spiritual Retreats across the archipelago of Indonesia include Balinese healing and spiritual and cultural wisdom. Staying at luxury Aman Resorts across Bali and Java, we can create entirely bespoke travel itineraries to suit each individual. Perhaps begin the journey experiencing Reiki and Balinese healing by the sea at Amankila in East Coast Bali and later head to mystical Java to visit the largest Buddhist temple on the planet, Borobudur, staying at the breathtaking resort Amanjiwo nearby.

Spiritual Healing at Amankila | Bali

amankila healing holidays

Tevia Feng - Qigong Master (5 Elements Retreat 1-6 June 2020)

Master Tevia began practicing martial arts, Qigong and meditation at the age of 7. As a student of Qigong, he journeyed all around China seeking the knowledge, including north western part of Hubei, Beijing and Southern China, where he met and trained extensively with several true Qigong masters. While in China he also studied at multiple Taoist monasteries and temples.

Throughout his journey, he has acquired many rare skills; from unique breathing techniques and exercises to delving into the heart of Qi energy. As the Qigong master instructor of White Tiger Qigong, he has taught thousands of students from around the world and through White Tiger, he aims to revolutionise the way the world understands Qigong, transforming it into a global phenomenon.

Tevia Feng studied and took the most effective forms of Qigong from different masters, learned it deeply through decades of practice, worked with sports science, fascia experts, anatomists, Chinese Medicine doctors and education experts to put together the most comprehensive and advanced curriculum in Qigong today.

Join Tevia from 1st to 6th June 2020, staying at luxury seaside retreat Amankila on Bali’s East Coast here

amankila spiritual healer

Bapak Wayan Merta | Resident Practitioner at Amankila (Balinese Healing, Yoga, Meditation)

Spiritual leader and yoga instructor Bapak Wayan has spent his life sharing knowledge in the practices of spirituality and holism. Bapak Wayan is the founder of Eling Bebali, a Balinese spiritual center which encompasses elements from various practices with the aim to help individuals focus on healing, mindfulness and universal harmony.

amankila healthy holidays

Bapak I Made Warmana | Reiki Master

Pak Warmana is from Nusa Dua, Bali and spent many years as part of the AMAN Indonesia team. His interest in spirituality and healing led him into studying Meditation, Hypnotherapy and Reiki for the last 20 years. He reached the level of Reiki Master Teacher in 2001 and together with his partner Tri continues his journey into healing and spiritual growth.

Holistic Healing at Amandari | Bali

amandari yoga bali

Kimiko Briody | Resident Practitioner (Restorative Bodywork)

Kimiko specialises in healing the mind and body through restorative bodywork, relieving stress and tension, held deep in the muscles and the connective tissues. Kimiko grew up in Japan, trained extensively in Thailand and has worked as a massage therapist around the world, from Switzerland to India. She offers a range of therapies that focus on the meridian points and lines of the body, helping to restore the balance of ‘Chi,’ or energy.

Join us in Bali for a personalised healing retreat by contacting us here

Ancient Wisdom at Amanjiwo | Java

amanjiwo borobudur

Patrick VanHoebrouck | Ancient Wisdom of Java from April 2020

Amanjiwo’s resident anthropologist, Patrick specialises in Javanese culture and spirituality. He has a BA in Anthropology from University of Illinois at Chicago (USA) and a Masters in Cultural Anthropology from Leiden University (Netherlands). Having spent nearly 15 years in residence in Yogyakarta Province, Patrick has accumulated specialized knowledge in various aspects of the spirituality, culture, history and ancient literature of Java, immersing himself in ancient sources to help explain the contemporary manifestations of traditional and authentic Javanese culture and practices.

Amanjiwo in Java

Mas Joko Triagung | Healer / Shaman

Renowned healer-shaman in Yogyakarta City and Province. He is a Master of Kebatinan and especially of Tenaga Dalam (Inner power, prana, Chi). He draws on a number of spiritual practices called Kejawen – a syncretism of animism (spirits and ancestors’ dimension), Hindu-Buddhist values and practices (including Tantrism) as well as occult sciences similar to Mystic Sufism. His therapeutic approach depends on the guests needs and can come from herbal mixtures of plants (jamu), energy healing (prana) or invocations of forces via familiar spirit.

Pak Sugeng | Spiritual Healer

A Javanese spiritual practitioner of the ancient lineage of Jawadwipa, the so-called original spirituality of Java. His practices are derived from forms of Hindu and Buddhist Dharma and Tantrism. He is called to guide many sacred pilgrimages to the nearby Lawu volcano and often solicited for various purifications and exorcisms. Holder of powers and access to some very sacred sites around the Lawu volcano specifically and Hindu Buddhist shrines across all of Java in general. He has a particularity of healing at a distance, clairvoyance and power of predictions

For Spiritual Retreats with us in Java, please contact us here

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