Bali Detox: Blog from the Bog Day 7

What I really want to eat Day 1 post detox


Last Day was so hard, my mind had obviously convinced itself that I was in for a treat the next day as I was bloody hungry for the first time since I started the cleanse. Didn’t stop until I feel asleep.

Of course I can’t go and have that salmon fillet and chocolate just yet. In fact, one of the most important things in a detox is the post detox. Post cleanse Day 1, papaya is high on the list (2 whole Papayas in fridge check!). Day 2 and 3 raw stuff like salad and fruit. To be honest that papaya tasted so good I feel like a baby trying their first foods.

My own personal non professional tips on cleansing:

  • Try to totally switch off from the world (yes that means mobile phones too!) Just give someone an emergency number for you.
  • Try not to put pre-conceptions on results you expect, every cleanse is unique.
  • Meditate, even if its only for short time during the day/night
  • Buy incense, you’re going to need it in the loo!
  • Have some great reading material around
  • Journal the experience
  • Go to your friends and cleanse facilitator when you need support, you’re never alone
  • Do the enema and/or colonics, they flush you out.
  • Break the detox with the recommends foods, you’ll get an awful tummy if you don’t
  • Remember to take a pro-biotic for at least 10 days after the detox to help put friendly flora back in your gut.

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