Uma Paro Ayurveda Holiday

Uma Paro, Bhutan

Luxury Ayurveda - Spiritual, Wellness Vacations at Uma Paro, Bhutan

Just imagine enjoying a luxury Ayurveda holiday in the mystical valleys of Paro in Bhutan. This luxury wellness resort in Bhutan offers a full range of holistic, Asian inspired treatments including Ayurveda. Private yoga and meditation classes are also available.

Ayurveda is an ancient tradition of healing drawn from the 3,000-year-old Vedic culture. It aims to restore the body to its natural state of equilibrium by rectifying imbalances in the three doshas-vata, pitta, and kapha or our bodily constitution.

Ayurvedic treatments include Abhyanga, a rhythmic oil massage to enhance circulation and eliminate toxins. Shirodhara is a stress relieving treatment where warm oil is poured consistently over the ajna chakra (third eye), said to improve mental clarity. To rejuvenate, Uma Paro also offers Pizichili in which a warm herbal oil poured over the entire body during massage, which promotes overall good health.

If you’re like me and had Bhutan on your bucket list then Uma Paro and it’s sister hotel Uma Purnaka are wonderful retreats from which to explore the rich tapestry of the country. Situated in the Paro valley, you’re in easy reach of the Tiger’s Nest monastery which clings to the mountainside. If you enjoy exploration, there are many programs to choose from including Himalayan treks with pony, a night at a wilderness tented camp or a series of exciting day tours to immerse yourself in Bhutanese spirituality and ancient wisdom.


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Perfect location in the Paro Valley, which is a delight to the eyes and near to the mystical Tiger's Nest Monastery which clings to a cliff. Its also within easy reach of Thimpu's musuems and markets. The mixture of private villas and rooms combine the colourful accents of Bhutanese art with a contemporary feel. In keeping with Como's signature style, the spa and cuisine are simply superb.

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Why is it a Sanctuary

In my humble opinion the entire country is a sanctuary! What an honour to be one of the few tourists to enter this ancient kingdom and experience it in the luxurious arms of Uma Paro. Within easy access of Bhutan's highlights from the Tiger's next monastery which clings to the cliff to Thimpu's local markets, Uma Paro's  nine private villas and twenty luxury rooms  rest in a mystical valley.

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The calming spirit of this Bhutanese luxury spa resort is quite special. Offering a range of holistic, Asian inspired treatments, this program draws on the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. Two private Bhutanese hot stone baths add that essential element of authenticity, plus a large indoor pool, his and her's steam rooms and complimentary yoga classes.

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Soul Food

Much of their produce comes from their own organic kitchen, in partnership with local farmers. Light and nutritiously rich cuisine is signature of Como Shambhala with a mix of locally inspired dishes and internationally renowned Western cuisine. The Bhutanese Royal family often make Uma Paro their restaurant of choice!

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Who is it for

The discerning traveller will adore Uma Paro.  You wan't to explore the area without the pack and simply must fit in some rejuvenating treatments which scream authenticiity. We tailor all programs so you may use this as a starting point and add a trek or another destination in Bhutan to this too!