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Ayurveda Retreats and Wellness Holidays in Bali, Asia

What is an Ayurveda Retreat?

Over 5000 years ago the ancient Rishis (Sages) developed the holistic health system of Ayurveda. It’s main philosophy lies in the concept that our bodies have three Doshas: Vata (air), Pitta (fire) and Kapha (earth) and also a individual prana flow which corresponds with the Doshas. The key to well-being  is keeping these in balance and at one with the five elements. The mind, body and spirit are happy and fulfilled.

So how does Ayurveda really benefit you and what should you expect?

Most of us feel at times stressed out and feel life is too chaotic,  Ayurveda will restore calm and balance. Or if you feel like you’re plodding along and can’t seem to raise your energy levels then Ayurveda can help to energize and motivate you. It can also assist with a myriad of medical ailments.

What’s magic about an Ayurveda Retreat Program such as Como Shambhala Estate’s in Bali?  You’re assisted in making sustainable new lifestyle choices based on your individual imprint, giving you a helping hand to a healthier life. Treatments have a holistic approach and an all natural treatment plan will be developed with the expert guidance of Como’s resident Ayurvedic expert. Therapy plans could include Detox, Bosy treatments, special diet, yoga and meditation. Follow up programs and education on preventative healthcare measures are also part of the process.

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Como Shambhala Estate is situated near Bali’s spiritual centre Ubud, on a breathtaking tropical jungle estate. It has an outstanding selection of luxury villas ranging from Balinese style grand residences to contemporary villas complete with private pool and treatment rooms. Como also has state of the art facilities such as vitality pool, pilates studio and gym as well as a yoga pavilion set against a jungle backdrop.

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Why is it a Sanctuary

Como Shambhala is not only situated in one of the most stunning tropical locations in the world, it also really qualifies as a health retreat with its team of onsite international specialists including an Ayurvedic Doctor who can give advice on lifestyle choices, yoga therapy and osteopathy. He also practices chiropractic spinal adjustment. A resident nurse and dieticians are also onsite to ensure optimum health and wellness throughout the program.

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After consultation, expect Ayurvedic treatments such as Pizichilli where warm herbal oil continuously flows over the body or Shirodhara, a steady stream of herbal oil over the ajna chakra (forehead) . Swedana is also offered with herbal steam helping to improve circulation and help skin tone and invigorating scalp massages. Yoga and meditation often becomes part of the program too as a form of holistic healing.

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Soul Food

We adore the food at Como Shambhala. The Ayurveda Doctor will work in conjunction with the resident Nutritionist to ensure a tailored healthy menu plan, perfect for your Dosha during the retreat program. This means that every meal is a holistic experience and you'll receive plenty of tips on how to continue with a healthy diet once you leave too.

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Who is it for

For those looking for more than just a luxury spa holiday. Wanting to deepen your understanding of your body and how it connects to your surroundings. You may be desperate to make a lifestyle change but not sure how to go about it and not up for lots of physical effort. Soul searching, spirituality and a lot of luxury thrown in!