Ayurveda – What Dosha Type are you?


According to Ayurveda, each of us has a mixture of three basic mind/body principles which are called Doshas. Most of us have one of two of these which are dominant and the other less expressed. These doshas show unique emotional, physical and mental characteristics. Why should you be interested in finding our your dosha type? With this knowledge and a little Ayurvedic expert assistance, you can begin to nurture your unique nature. Learn more about your dosha here…

VATA Vata types are very creative and are quick to learn (and quick to forget). Tall, cold extremeties and fast moving, Vata Types are lively fun personalities. In balance they are full of joy and enthuasism but out of balance they can be full of anxiety, fear and worry.

PITTA Pitta is the energy which controls the metabolic system including digestion, nutrition and body temperature. It signifies transformation; think of how you absorb ideas, experience the senses and emotions. People who are predominantly pitta tend to be muscular, smart and determined. If they are in balance they can be warm, content and great leaders. Out of balance, they can be irritable and aggressive.

KAPHA Kapha is the energy that controls the growth in the body, supplying water and assisting the immune system. Kapha represents protection, nourishment and stability. People who are predominating Kapha tend to be heavier in frame and think and move leisurely and with stability. In balance they can be a sweet, calming influence. Out of balance can bring weight gain, congestion, insecuirty and envy.


AYURVEDA Around 6000 years ago Indian monks were searching for a way to maintain health to allow them to continue their spiritual path and to meditate. All the information collected became the science of knowledge of life – Ayurveda. Why we love Ayurveda; it’s individual, you’re not going to be popped some prescription pills (one fits all) and the key is always preventation. How to maintain a healthy mind, body and soul.

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