Ask the Experts: Retox to Detox Part II

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We had so much positive response from our Detox to Retox blog, we’ve gathered more expert information on detoxing from the fabulous Co-Founder of Thai luxury Health Resort Kamalaya, Karina Stewart. Here it is, ‘Detox to Retox’ part 2. We love sending our guests on luxury detox holidays at Kamalaya. We hope you enjoy, and if you do, please share the social love below.

Karina StewartKarina Stewart, Co-Founder of Kamalaya

Is Detox for everyone and is it as simple as a green juice?

“A professionally guided detox program followed on a regular basis is an essential foundational health practice suitable for nearly everyone. Following a detox, your entire level of health is improved; your metabolism, immune system, brain and digestive system are all given attention, strengthened and reenergized in the process. Any inflammation you may have is reduced and hormonal balance is also supported. Regular detoxification ensures we cleanse, release, reset, and recharge. While juice fasting has been very popular in the past many years as one approach to detoxification, it is certainly not suitable for everyone.

Kamalaya detox food

Kamalaya’s approach to detox is based on research from the past several years in the fields of Naturopathy, Functional medicine and TCM, bringing Asian healing traditions together with the more scientific bio-chemical western examination of how things work. Every guest has a personal wellness consultation on arrival during which their detox is tailored to suit individual needs, including identifying cases in which a detox is not suitable (f.ex. pregnancy, some illnesses or people who are very depleted). While our detox programs do not involve fasting, we are results-oriented and ensure safety, efficacy, and sustainability in our approach. Instead, we nourish and nurture every step of the way through the detoxification process. Kamalaya’s signature detox cuisine is designed to provide essential nutrition for detoxification. The aim is to increase cellular metabolism, minimize toxic intake, reduce inflammation and improve digestive and every organ function.

Kamalaya Detox Massage

Treatments include Chi Nei Tsang (Taoist abdominal massage) from Asia as well as sessions in the far infrared sauna, colon hydrotherapy or lymphatic drainage which are more western treatments. Nutritional and herbal supplementation helps to optimise the detoxification process and reduce side effects. In our experience, this approach is a safe, extremely effective and enjoyable method for people. We recommend any detox program should be guided by an experienced professional health practitioner.”

detox and wine

If you drink alcohol or eat fatty foods soon after a detox is it worse than not detoxing in the first place?

“While it is not really appropriate to say that if you eat fatty food or drink alcohol after a detox it is worse than not detoxing in the first place, we can say that after a professional detox program it is extremely important to be mindful and use moderation in introducing previous foods that have a negative impact on one’s health and especially one’s digestive organs including the liver and colon. Alcohol and fatty foods both have a negative impact on the liver if eaten regularly or even if eaten rarely but in large quantities. So after any detox program, one should take care in reintroducing foods and drinks that are not on the healthy list of foods for regular consumption that would be recommended by the program professional. Alcohol and fatty foods should always be consumed in very small amounts and not immediately following a detox program, if at all.”

Thanks so much Karina!

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