Ask the Experts: Detox to Retox?

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We hope you enjoyed the first in our new weekly series of ‘Ask the Experts’ blogs on Stress Management. Each week we are chatting to Asia’s leading health experts on what’s trending in health and wellness. This week we are discussing detox.  Well, actually detox,retox,detox,retox (sound familiar?). In the second in this series, we are interviewing Eve Persak MS RD CNSC, Registered Dietician and Wellness Consultant at Luxury Wellness Sanctuary Como Shambhala Estate in Bali.

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So, there’s a whole lot of fuss over ‘Green Juices’ these days. Is it all hype or is it that simple?

“The characteristic ‘green’ color of these juices is derived from their primary ingredients – dark-green vegetables.  Green vegetables, in particular dark-green leafy vegetables, may look and feel like ‘light-weights’ on the plate, but they are undoubtedly HEAVY and HUGE in nutritional value – arguably the most concentrated source than any other food.  They offer negligible calories and mere traces of fat but pack a powerful punch of minerals (iron, calcium, potassium, and magnesium) and vitamins (K, C, E, and B vitamins such as folic acid).  Leafy greens also provide precious phytonutrients – which are anti-oxidant rich compounds with support the immune system and guard against cancer and other age-related diseases.  While the nutritional benefits of leaves and other green vegetables are well-understood, many individuals neglect to routinely include them into their daily meal and snack choices.  Green juices provide a quick, convenient, portable, and concentrated dose from a natural source (Mother Nature, rather than a powder or a pill).

It is important to note, that while ‘green’ juices offer the aforementioned benefits, not all vegetable-based juices must be green in color.  Ideally, we want to expose our bodies to the FULL array of vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and anti-oxidants available in the food supply.  Fixating on ONLY green juices would preclude us from receiving other valuable nutrients – red-pigmented lycopene from tomatoes, beets and red cabbage; yellow/orange-colored carotenoids from carrot, peppers, pumpkin; white-toned anthoxanthins from mushrooms, onions, cauliflower, etc.

como shambhala baliComo Shambhala Estate Aqua Therapy Pool (heavenly)

Como Shambhala Estate features an extensive menu of Wellness juices – fresh fruit and vegetable cold-pressed extractions and blends prepared a la minute, curated by our Resident Dietician to provide specific health benefits.  These beverages are available for all guests of the Estate wishing to enhance their wellness experience with therapeutic beverages.”

Is it better to never try a detox than to detox and retox pretty soon after?

“Any opportunity to remove impurities from the body is beneficial.  Ideally, it is advisable to transition out of a detoxification experience more gradually, so as not to overwhelm the system.  However, sometimes travel or social engagements (wherein the cuisine and beverages are more indulgent) are timed soon after the completion of the guest’s Cleanse programme.  This does not mean that the cleanse experience was for naught.  While the re-introduction of new less-healthful items will indeed tax the body, the body will at least have had the chance to clear out the older, pre-existing residues.”

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If someone is coming to COMO Shambhala Estate for a Cleanse Programme, why are you unique?

“Stress, environmental pollutants, poor diet, lack of sleep and insufficient exercise can contribute to a build-up of impurities in the body.  Rather than providing the same regime for each guest, our Wellness consultants develop holistic and natural experiences tailored to meet the needs of each individual guest.   This includes a personalized constellation of dietary modifications, therapeutic activities, and detoxifying spa treatments designed to stimulate the liver, kidney, lymphatic system, bowel, and skin.  When these organs are nourished and functioning optimally, inflammation is reduced, irritation and discomfort are settled, and toxins are effectively eliminated.   While guests may choose to participate in an exclusive juicing regimen, we offer a variety of different levels of nutritional cleansing, ranging from a milder and more liberal personalized ‘clean’ meal plan to a more challenging schedule of prescribed juices, soups, and broths.  This experience creates a renewed connection with a cleaner, lighter, and refreshed body and lays the foundation for more healthful lifestyle and dietary practices in the long-term.”

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What advice would you give someone who’s thinking about detoxing and wants to make the first step at home?

“Any effort to reduce one’s exposure to impurities and embrace a cleaner lifestyle can have a significant impact on quality of life and overall wellbeing.  Trying to organize and successfully complete an at-home cleansing experience (which might include homemade or store-bought juices, soups, broths, treatments, and/or supplements) while simultaneously keeping up with work, social and family responsibilities can be a challenge.  When guests express interest in detoxing at home, I usually suggest starting by streamlining his or her daily routine, food choices, or living environment.  Consider a week without any or all of the following: caffeine, alcohol, sugar/sweeteners, cigarettes, refined grains and processed foods.   Consider swapping your less-healthful take-out, fast-food, or cafeteria lunch meal for a fresh, cold-pressed juice and a salad.  Consider scheduling a healthy activity each night (like yoga, a spa treatment, reading a book, taking a mineral both) in place of watching television or visiting a bar.   Consider  exchanging all household cleaners and personal care products for organic, natural, chemical-free, animal- and eco-friendly alternatives.   Small changes can make a huge difference.”

Thanks Eve, great advice!

If you’re considering gifting yourself a healthy new start, our guests adore Como Shambhala Estate. Let us tailor a luxury wellness program with you in mind.

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