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me(My post Pure TDA facial glowing skin, loving it)

Last year I had the pleasure of working with the consummate professionals over at A.W. Lake Spa Concepts when I provided spa marketing consultation for the launch strategy of Indonesia’s first Heavenly Spa by Westin in Nusa Dua in Bali. A.W. Lake designed the sixteen treatment rooms spa and their top trainer Richard Williams was drafted in to train the staff on new luxury spa therapies. Working with him was such fun too! It had to be a world record that only four months post launch Heavenly Spa won a World Luxury Spa award for ‘Indonesia’s Best Luxury Wellness Spa’.

Yesterday I was honoured to experience a revolutionary new spa facial treatment care of A.W. Lake  in partnership with Arivine Pharma AG (Switzerland) and MedddropGmbH (Germany).  The Pure Transdermal Facial (PURE TDA facial) is the world’s first dermatological therapy system that transports active ingredients to the deepest skin levels, attacks damaging hypoxias and delivers a long term effect. But enough of the science speak, how was it really I hear you ask?

(Not me! Photo courtesy of A. W. Lake Spa Concepts)

I had a sneek peak of this exciting new facial treatment system before it hits the luxury spa market at the beautiful Balinese home of Adria Lake.  The treatment began with a cleanse and exfoliation using a PURECELL which is a hand held micro dermabrasion tool with a 3-D surface which was covered with a cooling gel. Less abrasive than treatments I’d experienced previously, the PURECELL helped to gently remove my skin’s upper layers, making it more receptive to the active ingredients to follow and already smoother. The cooling gel also felt really nice after a morning rushing around in the tropics.

Next came the futuristic TDA machine, which had a touch screen console with a digital map of the face indicating differing levels of intensity to be administered, dependant on where the wand was focused. It felt like a super refreshing cold stream of air on the skin, invigorating and I could definitely feel that it was affecting more than just the skin’s surface. The change of intensity around the eye sockets, neck and hairline made it all the more fascinating to experience.

(Photo courtesy of A. W. Lake Spa Concepts)

There are four different types of serums which were developed through a combination of highly specialized medical technology and pharmalogical active ingredients. I experienced the MitoCell serum which promotes cellular regeneration and is perfect for over 40’s like me. Anything to boost cell renewal gets a star in my book!

The final stage of this divine spa treatment was a delicate mask to seal all the good work in. After an hour, I emerged looking really rehydrated. Unlike some past experiences where I’ve felt facially abused after treatment and desperate to avoid all sunlight, the PURE TDA facial was an absolute pleasure to experience and today I’ve woken up with very smooth, soft and frankly pure looking skin!

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