An ode to a new Yoga Teacher

This morning I went to support my friend who recently became a Yoga Teacher. Faltering on whether she could really teach, she got the courage up to hire a hall and get a few ‘guinea pigs’ in to try out her new skills. Firstly, I want to say hands up to anyone who dares to follow their dreams. Making your passions a reality is what life’s really all about isn’t it? Setting your soul on fire! …

The instruction was super, considering there are so many things to ask of your students. I imagined I’d have a hundred stick men images around the edges of my mat to even remember the sequence. She gave us a solid Hatha yoga sequence, which was delivered with a lot of love (‘I’m so proud of you’ made me feel all warm inside). I sweated, I re-aligned and was reminded to stay in the now and not jump to the next asana. As she relaxed into the teaching, humor entered the realm, a necessary requirement if you’re about to be challenged!

Most of all, I was reminded of my first days, long ago, as a new Scuba Diving Instructor. With people’s lives in my hands, I entered the classroom with nervous trepidation. Why would they even want to do what I instructed them to do? Self doubt can be a real passion killer. But then I remembered how absolutely brilliant I would feel when I certified them a divers, wow. It was definately the most fulfilling role (parenthood aside) I’ve had to date. All my professional careers cannot compare.

So I left the class feeling proud of my wonderful yoga teacher/friend and excited that I’m now following a new dream and passion with Soul Sanctuaries. Can’t wait to feel fulfilled after you’ve all completed one of our first fantastic retreats!

Sat Nam

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