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ruizDon Miguel Ruiz

Some of the best lessons in life are often delivered in a simple format, so subtle that we often almost discount them, our mind demanding something more complicated and mysterious. I’ve just finished an amazing book by Don Miguel Ruiz called The Four Agreements. How had this book passed me by in amongst the miriad of spiritual and self healing books I’ve ingested over the years?

What I adored about this book (a multiple New York Times bestseller to boot) was the ease with which I could comprehend and take on it’s powerful Toltec lessons. Thousands of years ago the Toltec were known throughout southern Mexico as “women and men of knowledge”. Scientists and artists, they learnt and practiced  spiritual knowledge of the ancient ones.

After a near death accident in which Ruiz had an outer body experience, he began to study Toltec wisdon with his mother and completed his apprenticeship with a powerful Shaman in the Mexican desert. His first book, The Four Agreements is a ‘practical guide to personal freedom’ based on 4 simple statements (that are not always simple to follow)

Be impeccable with your word
Don’t take anything personally
Don’t make assumptions
Always do your best

Lets face it, we’re all guilty of gossiping or using our words too loosely. I’m an overtalker (I think I just made up a word!). I feel uncomfortable with the silences between words and feel responsible for filling the gap. I’m learning to listen, to pause and to understand that it’s not my job to fill that gap.

Taking things personally made me laugh, it’s all about me isn’t it? We all like to think we have a small ego until somebody upsets us with their words and actions. We allow them to completely throw our cool out the window. If I didn’t take things so personally, I’m sure I would double my energy on actually enjoying my life!

Same goes for making assumptions. How many times have you got upset with your partner because you just assume they telepathically know what you want. That’s been the root cause of many an argument in my life. I was afraid to ask direct questions for fear of being rejected or ridiculed and the alternative outcome was always an argument, usually with my loved one, over their lack of love and care. Of course I had assumed and hadn’t communicated what I wanted.

‘Always do your best’ rings true in my heart. I had a beautiful Father who said on many occasions ” At the end of the day, if you have tried your best, that’s good enough.” Today I’m going to try my best to honour the other 3 agreements and find happiness and love in everything (and I’ll put myself at the top of that list!)

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