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Finding your own path to self healing

luxury healing holidays

Soul Healer Abi

Why self healing is not just the stuff of fairies

I knew that, by setting up a luxury wellness travel company, I would enter a period of self healing and personal transformation, but I didn’t bank on this. Thinking of what might typify our guests (cashed up, spiritually depleted and burnt out soul seekers who’ve seen more than a few sides to life so far) I never banked on being one of them myself.

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Meeting yourself in Codependency

luxury healing asia

 What is codependency anyway?

I reached a crisis in my life recently and, much as I’d convinced myself that I had it ‘all together’, I didn’t at all, my life had become unmanageable. Once I admitted that (and boy was that a hard thing to admit as a severe control addict!) it was rather refreshing and relieving to boot. And then things started to unravel…

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‘Rawfully’ good Raw Food Retreats

luxury raw food retreat

Why luxury Raw Food Retreats are the new black

You know those times in your life when you’re having a really awful day, no week, no fortnight. Yes that was me last week (and the week before!). Then Asia’s leading consultant on Raw Food, author of ‘Living Flavors of Southeast Asia’, Diana von Cranach, invited me to experience her luxury villa resort in North Bali and of course her self titled ‘Rawfully’ good food. If you’re even the tiniest bit hungry, grab a carrot now!

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