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Balancing the Chakras Balinese style at Fivelements

Yesterday I took my blocked and spinning chakras up to the sacred space of Fivelements in Ubud. I was met with a warm and open hearted welcome and immediately felt at one with the elements (pardon the pun!). Set at the foot of the sacred Ayung river in Ubud, Fivelements is eco luxury at its best. Imagine bamboo structures with high tech, minimal impact lighting. I was there to experience a Chakra Balancing session with Balinese healer Pak Dewa. Fivelements base all healing treatments on the Balinese principle of Sekala-Niskala. There is an understanding that we all live equally in two worlds; the conscious or seen world Sekala and the unseen or physic world Niskala. At the beginning of our healing treatment, Pak Dewa called upon a higher divine source to help to facilitate the process.

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When did choosing a yoga class become so complicated?

Once upon a time you just rocked up at your local yoga center (or open yoga shala if you’re lucky and live in Asia) and be guaranteed a good, traditional yoga experience to revitalize body and soul.

These days, even in the mystical island of Bali, it’s sometimes difficult to choose your yoga path. You can find yoga set to techno (not my bag!), hot yoga (for goodness sake don’t mention the B word otherwise you might be sued!) or a copyrighted form of Hatha yoga which centers on balancing on your arms for half the class. And, for those of us who can’t bare to share, private yoga classes.

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Meditation and the monkey mind in Bali


I had the pleasure of  recently interviewing a great guy who completed his third meditation retreat with a wonderful organization called Bali Usada meditation. Having participated in these meditation retreats myself, I was excited to hear his thoughts on the retreat.

How did you hear about Bali Usada and Tapa Brata meditation?

My partner had participated in Tapa Brata I twice.

Why did you decide to attend yourself?

I wanted to widen my perspective on life.

And what did you find?

Something very different than I expected (smile). It was not a simple, unguided meditation. I discovered a way to heal myself, both physically and emotionally.

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How to be the change with Soul Sanctuaries

What is Soul Sanctuaries?

Soul Sanctuaries is a luxury wellness retreat consultancy. Our mission is to offer transformational healthy holidays in Asia that in turn benefit others who are really in need.

Soul Sanctuaries initial wellness and spiritual retreats are focused in Asia as we are based there and are very familiar with healing resources. Within our portfolio of luxury wellness packages we offer luxury yoga holidays, 5 star detox programs , superb fitness and weight loss vacations and self healing retreats.

Every time a guest books a luxury wellness vacation with Soul Sanctuaries, they will pay exactly the same as anywhere else but have the added benefit of helping a little soul. We donate a small percentage of every booking to our charity partners through our Give a Little Soul a Sanctuary program. Guests will give themselves a wonderful opportunity in which to explore within and at the same time a child receives a sanctuary they so desperately need in the form of housing, welfare or education. Read More

Yoga and Pranayama: It’s all about the breath

Next time you’re feeling a little stressed by an every day event, take a pause and notice your breath. We’re often shallow, rapidly breathing, using only a small portion of the lungs or we may be actually unconsciously holding the breath.  It’s a common practice in Yoga classes; you’re holding an asana, which is challenging and instead of breathing into the pose we hold our breath and wait until the teacher announces the next asana. Quite the opposite of feeling like you’re deepening your practice!

Here are a few ways of cultivating breathing patterns, which can aid relaxation and well being.  We take an average of 17,000 breaths per day. It’s all about being conscious and present with your breath  to help to calm the ‘monkey mind’. Read More

Your 2012 Spiritual Guide to Bali

“Beyond our individual Soul is the One, just being in this timeless moment, right now, right here.” Ram Dass

At Soul Sanctuaries it’s our mission to offer authentic healing experiences and luxury wellness programs so we’re always on the search for gifted healers and practitioners in Asian places such as the mystical island of Bali. We like to know who’s offering gentle cleanses and 5 star detox programs, uncover traditional Balinese healers and be in the know on Bali’s spiritual retreats. Read More